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Bend Over Backwards for Pleasure: From Crescendo to Climax

Read a couple’s personal sexperience playing with MysteryVibe’s Crescendo sex toy, designed to bring the best of health, pleasure, and technology together.


By Lily Chambers

Disclaimer: I received samples of the products mentioned hereafter to review for SDC.com. I was not directly compensated for this review... except, of course, for the great sex!

I am no stranger to MysteryVibe’s modern technology. So, when Brett and I received the Crescendo, I was curious how a toy that seemed so simple made it on top lists on everything from Buzzfeed to Forbes’ Best Work From Home Gadgets. I felt we already had all the must-haves in our pleasure collection, but let me tell you... this toy will forever occupy a permanent spot in my nightstand.

Brett and I had too much fun playing with the Crescendo, so we’ve decided to share our own sexperience with you.

More Than Just a Sex Toy

One of the qualities I love about MysteryVibe is that they’ve created their devices while keeping in mind that hi-tech products are often daunting for those of us who are not tech-savvy. Getting connected to the app took only seconds, and if Brett and I can figure it out, anyone can. 

Brett: Haha, that’s true. And I’ll add that the Crescendo also works without the app. But forgoing the app would be a mistake, as it will absolutely give you and your partner(s) even more flexibility in play options. This thing can really bend!

Lily: Oooh, yeah it can! And that’s actually because it’s more than just a sex toy. Medical professionals have actually recommended the Crescendo for a wide range of sexual health benefits, including pelvic health. 

Brett: That’s an added bonus.

I personally love that it has a wireless charger. That makes the Crescendo 100% waterproof! Plus, I’m always breaking chargers. I can do without that stress.

How the Fun Started

Lily: When I first started playing with the Crescendo, I decided to have some alone time before inviting Brett to, you know, see what I was working with.

I couldn’t resist bending it all the way so that both ends were almost touching before slipping the smaller end inside me and turning on all those vibrations, ready for an immediate intensified release. I got so aroused with how far it could bend that I forgot that my vulva knows what it wants! Your genitals are uniquely shaped, so if one angle isn't hitting the right spots for you, just adjust it! That is the beauty of the Crescendo. When I adjusted it to MY body, that’s when the real party started. I was able to enjoy all the vibrations comfortably. Now I was ready to let Brett take control.

Brett: And that’s when she begged me to come play. She handed me her phone with the app open, so I knew what she wanted. I slowly increased the intensity, knowing that she was feeling every vibration pulsate from the other room. Thank goodness the Crescendo’s battery life lasts up to two hours because we really enjoyed taking turns playing with the controls.

MysteryVibe Lifestyle Crescendo Adult Sex Toy Pleasure Product Tech

Lily: Its luxurious, sleek packaging is sure to get you in the mood right away, but don’t miss out on reading the instructions. Take a moment to charge the toy and connect to and explore the app. You won't want to take any breaks once you get started! 

I keep coming up with new positions I want to try. Um yeah, I can’t stop thinking about sex, but that’s the point! The Crescendo is not only bendable to adjust to our unique bodies but long enough to share with your partner without sacrificing your own pleasure.

Brett: The Crescendo Playcards came in handy, for sure. While she took the toy to the other room, I looked over the cards and picked out a few fun positions for her to try.

From Crescendo to Climax

Brett: The Crescendo is a good time. It’s hard to believe it has six powerful motors, yet it’s actually quiet enough to be used discreetly. I guess that’s why it’s considered a work-from-home must-have gadget!

My favorite part was watching Lily orgasm in new positions. I’m sure that was her favorite part, too.

Lily: That was a “WOW!” moment for me.

I’d like to point out how much I love the size of the product. I feel that size matters when experimenting within the realm of sensuality especially when you’re navigating through new sensations with others.

My hubby and I don’t consider this a “small” product, but we both agree that it’s thoughtfully sized to entice curious couples to indulge in new fantasies without feeling intimidated. 

MysteryVibe got the size and the vibes just right with the Crescendo, and I look forward to exploring all its orgasmic possibilities!

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