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The LGBTQIA+ umbrella includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and more. Learn more about the rainbow of sexuality and gender identity in the world and the diversity within the swinging and open lifestyles.
Black man looking distressed at a clinic with a female Black physician filling his chart
A Heart to Heart Conversation with Courtney Brame of SPFPP
Does herpes have a bigger stigma than other STIs? Why does herpes have such a stigma in the Black community? Join Taylor for this insightful sexual health conversation with Courtney Brame!

Black woman holding her hand gracefully in front of her neck and chin over a gold background
E. Michelle Certifies Pleasure to Future Pleasure Coaches
Loving what you do and being good at what you do are two entirely different things. Fortunately for clients and future intimate coaches and sex educators, E. Michelle has perfected both.

How Queer Love and Ethical Non-Monogamy Saved My Life: Margo Renate
Queer love is a savior for many — and so is ethical non-monogamy.

femme person wearing red in front of a red background while covering their face with a pineapple
Recognizing and Dealing with Red Flags Part 1
This episode is a comprehensive guide to help novice and veteran swingers recognize and mitigate undesirable actions and behaviors that might spell trouble in the thrilling swinging lifestyle.

woman peeping from behind a sheer curtain
When Does Voyeurism Cross the Line?
Dr. Laurie talks about if or when voyeurism and exhibitionism cross the line.

couple in therapy holding hands on a couch
The Art of Erotic Empathy
Kelly Alexander speaks to Amanda Luterman about erotic empathy.

Perfecting Masturbation
Dr. Laurie discusses perfecting masturbation with Global Sexuality Speaker & Sex Columnist Niki Davis-Fainbloom.

masculine man with applying face cream to his forehead in a mirror
The Pressures Men Face
Dr. Laurie and Johnny Elsasser, host of The Art of Masculinity podcast, talk about men and body image, masculinity, and more.

the hands of a couple holding sparkler fireworks
Understanding Sexual Compatibility
Dr. Laurie discusses sexual compatibility, a hot topic in the open lifestyle.

couple on a cruise ship
Temptations at Sea: Bliss Cruise Bucket List
In this episode, Dan and Lacy dive deep into their wildest desires, sharing their naughty bucket list of tantalizing experiences they envision for themselves and their partners on the upcoming Bliss Swingers Lifestyle Cruise.

Black couple in love pressing foreheads together with her hands on his shoulders
African-American Marriage, Ethical Non-Monogamy, & Modern Love
Taylor Sparks and Eve dive into the rich history of African-American marriage and the enduring legacy of love. Join us on the journey that explores historical roots, ethical non-monogamy, and the evolving landscape of modern love and its many shades.

a photo of manicured hands holding a lit heart shaped red candle
Lifestyle Interview: OPEN Advocates for Non-Monogamy
In this swinger podcast episode, Dan and Lacy interview Co-Founder and Executive Director Brett Chamberlin of OPEN (Organization for Polyamory and Ethical Non-monogamy).

STIs & Sexual Health with Guest Dr. Angela Stoehr
In this swinger podcast episode, Dan and Lacy take a deep dive into the unique healthcare concerns that lifestyle people face with gynecologist and medical expert Dr. Angela Stoehr.

Couple exploring light BDSM
Discover BDSM Safely
Learn BDSM Tips & Tricks from Dr. Courtney Padjen LAMFT, PhD, who is a kink and BDSM specialist.

SDC The Swing Nation Podcast
Intro to The Swing Nation Podcast
Dan and Lacy share how they were introduced into swinging, and why they created a podcast by swingers, for swingers.