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The LGBTQIA+ umbrella includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and more. Learn more about the rainbow of sexuality and gender identity in the world and the diversity within the swinging and open lifestyles.
VoyeurX Luxury Leather Accessories
VoyeurX: Where Fetish Meets Fashion
Who is the kinky mind behind the luxuriously refined VoyeurX brand and hand-crafted fashions? Learn more in this exclusive interview!

passionate romantic couple with red roses
Her Guilty Confessions: An Interview with René Moon
Lexi talks all things fantasy with René Moon in this exclusive interview.

sad interracial couple supporting each other on the couch
Surviving a Breakup in the Lifestyle
Here are some tips to heal from a breakup for yourself and your partner.

collection of colorful sex toys over a yellow, blue, and pink color-blocked background
30 Best Sex Toys for Adults to Spice Up Your Sex Life
Whether you’re craving spicier solo play or more orgasmic partnered sex, here are the best sex toys to check out in your favorite sex shops.

two swinger couples chatting by a swimming pool
Lauren explains why respect is one of her favorite aspects of the lifestyle.

woman in a black blazer and red blouse looking incredulous over pink background
Don't Fire the Secretary: Stress and Emotional Sovereignty
It is difficult to see our partners in emotional distress, especially if we feel our actions have caused or contributed to it. The knee-jerk reaction to fix the problem by removing the stressor is not necessarily always the healthiest answer. Surprising? Read on...

a photo of a Black man's hands about to dispense silicone lubricant from a small clear bottle
The Perils of Personal Silicone Lubricant: Why Health Matters
In the realm of intimate products, silicone-based lubricants have gained popularity due to their smooth texture and long-lasting capabilities. However, beneath the allure of convenience lies a concerning truth: personal silicone lubricants may not be the healthiest option for intimate use.

a photo of an intimate couple reading a book together
Relationship Enhancement with The Power of Shared Reading
Couples can strengthen their connection by reading together. Here's how and why it works.

a photo of the edge of a paraglider ramp on a cliff overlooking a city
Running Towards a Cliff
In Rio de Janeiro, she decided to go hang gliding. Running towards a cliff's edge proved difficult. There have been times in the lifestyle when she thinks the same dynamic is at play.

a portrait of a couple in formal wear and the woman holds a finger over her lips implying a secret
To Tell or Not to Tell
The dilemma (for many) around telling vanilla friends and family about the lifestyle

A photo of a satisfied black woman in white pajamas in bed
Masturbation Mastery
Masturbation not only feels good — it’s also good for your health!

SDC.com Supports the LGBTQIA+ Community
SDC.com and our team members around the world are proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community!

man giving a woman a gift in bed
3 Orgasmic Must-Have Sex Toys for Sizzling Sex
Supercharge your orgasms together with these bestselling toys.

woman over purple background excited about her gift
The Secret to Explosive Orgasms? This Vibe Will Blow Your Mind!
Get ready for liftoff and enjoy earth-shattering pleasure together.