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The LGBTQIA+ umbrella includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and more. Learn more about the rainbow of sexuality and gender identity in the world and the diversity within the swinging and open lifestyles.
bored Black couple in bed
6 Monogamous Characteristics Incompatible with ENM Part 5
Monogamous Mindset and Norms: Monogamous relationships often conform to societal norms and expectations.

melancholic interracial couple sitting together on a window ledge looking outside
6 Monogamous Characteristics Incompatible with ENM Part 6
Emotional Monogamy: Emotional exclusivity is a common characteristic of monogamous relationships, where partners often seek emotional fulfillment exclusively from each other.

overwhelmed couple looking at a tablet while sitting on the couch
6 Monogamous Characteristics Incompatible with ENM Part 3
Shared Resources and Time: Monogamous couples typically share their resources, time, and responsibilities with one partner.

sad but supportive couple sitting on the edge of a bed
6 Monogamous Characteristics Incompatible with ENM Part 4
Relationship Hierarchy: In monogamous relationships, the romantic partner often holds the highest priority in terms of emotional and time investment.

seductive blonde woman with red lips holding her hand behind a man's neck
Seduction, Flirting, and the Art of the Tease
Explore the art of seduction, flirting, teasing, and the power of sexual anticipation in this sexy new podcast called Please Me!

a photo of a woman with bisexual flag colored hair lying upside down on a yellow couch holding a pin
What is a Swinger Unicorn?
In the sex clubs and swinger lifestyle, there are a ton of single swingers, not just couples. Learn why we call single women "unicorns" and why single men are referred to as "bulls."

a photo of an open book with pages folded in to form a heart over purple background lights
My Journey Into Ethical Non-Monogamy
How Taylor transitioned into ethical non-monogamy, why she wrote the book An African-American Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy, and the launch of THE SERIES

a photo of a happy Black couple fully clothed on a bed having a conversation
Which is More Intimate: Sleeping Together OR Oral Sex?
In this Ask a Sex Goddess video, Taylor discusses the nuances of intimacy and sex.

a photo of two sensually intimate brunette women on a bed
Do Women Want Threesomes with Other Women?
FMF threesomes are not just a fantasy for guys!

Panel of businesswomen enjoying their SDC Affiliate Program commissions
SDC Affiliates Work Smarter, Not Harder by Earning Commission
SDC's Affiliate Program provides businesses the opportunity to earn generous and recurring commission. Here's how.

Two smiling successful businesswomen and SDC Partners working together on a laptop
How to Maximize the Simple Yet Powerful SDC Partner Dashboard
Curious about how SDC works to reach your preferred audience? Here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the tools available to our Partners.

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Want to Make Money & Grow Your Business? Become an SDC Partner!
Learn how SDC Partners have the opportunity to reach open-minded, highly-targeted people around the world.

 Caliente Clothing Optional Resort Open Lifestyle Destination
From Mild to Wild: Caliente’s Spicy Lifestyle
The bare truth about one of the world’s hottest clothing-optional destinations.