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We all want to be good lovers and give our partners pleasure! Get sex advice to give your partner an orgasm, tips on hooking up, how to make threesomes and group sex more enjoyable, and more.
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Brooklyn Xrated Curated Fantasies at Grey House Society
If you and/or your partner(s) have sexual, kink, or cosplay fantasies and are wondering where to get them fulfilled... look no further.

woman disappointed in male partner as he packs a suitcase behind her
Commitment Phobia, Modern Dating, and Non-Monogamy
You swipe, match, chat... and then repeat. For a woman, modern dating has become a never-ending loop of potential connections.

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Types of Polyamorous Relationships
From hierarchical polyamory to non-hierarchical polyamory, from DADT polyamory to Kitchen Table polyamory, and so on, we'll explore the different ways that these dynamics can play out.

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When Does Voyeurism Cross the Line?
Dr. Laurie talks about if or when voyeurism and exhibitionism cross the line.

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What Counts as Cheating?
Dr. Laurie discusses what counts as cheating.

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How to Find PASSION in Open Relationships
Dr. Laurie talks about open relationships and whether or not they work.

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Understanding Sexual Compatibility
Dr. Laurie discusses sexual compatibility, a hot topic in the open lifestyle.

Personal Hygiene and Attraction
Dr. Laurie discusses personal hygiene, attraction, and sex.

Perfecting Masturbation
Dr. Laurie discusses perfecting masturbation with Global Sexuality Speaker & Sex Columnist Niki Davis-Fainbloom.

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Building Dreams with Liberator Bedroom Adventure Furniture
Liberator furniture, sex pillows, and shapes are discreet, well-designed, and will take your bedroom adventures to new heights of pleasure.

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Unboxing Pleasure: Exploring Lovehoney's Sex Advent Calendar
In this episode, Dan and Lacy are joined by Sarah, a senior content manager at Lovehoney, a renowned sexual happiness company.

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African-American Marriage, Ethical Non-Monogamy, & Modern Love
Taylor Sparks and Eve dive into the rich history of African-American marriage and the enduring legacy of love. Join us on the journey that explores historical roots, ethical non-monogamy, and the evolving landscape of modern love and its many shades.

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Lifestyle Interview: Swinging as a Polyamorous Throuple
In this swinger podcast episode, Dan and Lacy interview the polyamorous swinger throuple TwoGirls OnePineapple. They explore their relationship dynamic and experiences within the non-monogamous lifestyle.

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Lifestyle Interviews: Sexual Wellness with Dr. Sex Fairy
In this swinger podcast episode, Dan and Lacy interview Dr. Kanwal Bawa, an internet sensation and the host of the Dr. Sex Fairy Podcast.