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We all want to be good lovers and give our partners pleasure! Get sex advice to give your partner an orgasm, tips on hooking up, how to make threesomes and group sex more enjoyable, and more.
man seeking sexual health treatment with a doctor
Sexual Health is Not a Luxury
Here's why sexual health deserves to be treated with the same care as every other part of our bodies and minds

sad interracial couple supporting each other on the couch
Surviving a Breakup in the Lifestyle
Here are some tips to heal from a breakup for yourself and your partner.

swinger couple being ghosted on a dinner date
The Dark Side of Ghosting in the Swinger Lifestyle
Can we all agree that ghosting sucks and is rude, but it is a part of life now? Learn how to deal with ghosting and its alternatives.

two swinger couples chatting by a swimming pool
Lauren explains why respect is one of her favorite aspects of the lifestyle.

an attractive Black man wearing all black and a hat dancing over a smoky red background
Be the Better Bull
The how, the what, and the who of recreational sex with a Hotwife

woman in a black blazer and red blouse looking incredulous over pink background
Don't Fire the Secretary: Stress and Emotional Sovereignty
It is difficult to see our partners in emotional distress, especially if we feel our actions have caused or contributed to it. The knee-jerk reaction to fix the problem by removing the stressor is not necessarily always the healthiest answer. Surprising? Read on...

a photo of a Black man's hands about to dispense silicone lubricant from a small clear bottle
The Perils of Personal Silicone Lubricant: Why Health Matters
In the realm of intimate products, silicone-based lubricants have gained popularity due to their smooth texture and long-lasting capabilities. However, beneath the allure of convenience lies a concerning truth: personal silicone lubricants may not be the healthiest option for intimate use.

a photo of a Black couple holding hands during a relationship coaching session
Embracing Ethical Non-Monogamy: The Power of Relationship Coaching
Learn how coaching can help individuals and couples embark on a journey of self-discovery, build stronger connections, and cultivate healthier ENM relationships.

a photo of an intimate couple reading a book together
Relationship Enhancement with The Power of Shared Reading
Couples can strengthen their connection by reading together. Here's how and why it works.

book cover of An African-American Guide To Ethical Non-Monogamy by Taylor K Sparks
New Book! An African-American Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy
Renowned erotic educator Taylor K. Sparks releases new book that helps African-Americans understand alternative love styles

a photo of the edge of a paraglider ramp on a cliff overlooking a city
Running Towards a Cliff
In Rio de Janeiro, she decided to go hang gliding. Running towards a cliff's edge proved difficult. There have been times in the lifestyle when she thinks the same dynamic is at play.

a photo of a woman comforting her frustrated male partner experiencing erectile dysfunction
Men, You are Not a Performance Machine
One of the most common reasons men seek out sex therapy is due to “erectile disorder;” however, most are simply experiencing erectile disappointment, albeit not pleasant to experience either.

a photo of a well-dressed swinging couple being intimate with a female third partner
What You Need to be Non-Monogamous
When people become interested in non-monogamy, swinging, or lifestyle clubs or parties, some are concerned about what they need to be in the lifestyle. I’m here to tell you what that is; the answer might surprise you.

two colorful lollipops on a purple background
Lifestyle Parties with a Kandi Twist
If you take a glamorous swinger lifestyle event and mix it with the insatiable excitement of Las Vegas, what do you get?