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Say AAH! From cunnilingus tips to blow job techniques, become an oral sex legend with our expert advice. Learn about ways to stimulate your lovers using your mouth, how oral sex can enhance your sexual experiences, how to have safe oral sex, and more.
closeup of a camera lens surrounded by green and purple LED lighting
Sexy & Jagundo's Tales from the Cam Room: 9-6-21
They're back with more crazy camming couple tales!

closeup of a camera lens with purple and red backlighting
Sally & Mitch, That Crazy Camming Couple, Intros!
It's that naughty couple down the street, Sally & Mitch, talking about their crazy, sexy, wild camming lifestyle.

man in khaki pants and a white shirt holding a shaver in front of his fly
Shave That Junk Guys, Name That VaJayJay, and Sloppy BJs
Sexy & Jagundo discuss gnarly smells during wild sex and more in this wild episode!

Black couple in love pressing foreheads together with her hands on his shoulders
African-American Marriage, Ethical Non-Monogamy, & Modern Love
Taylor Sparks and Eve dive into the rich history of African-American marriage and the enduring legacy of love. Join us on the journey that explores historical roots, ethical non-monogamy, and the evolving landscape of modern love and its many shades.

sensual Black couple in a dimly lit bedroom
BlkTouch's Brian Dwayne on Black Erotica
Showcasing the beauty and sensuality of Black people in both an exotic and erotic medium, both in still and movement on film, is greatly accomplished by Brian Dwayne, founder of BlkTouch.

three smiling Black women covered in colorful flowers and petals
Health & Wellness Advocate Shae on Self-love
Sisters of Sexuality Podcast Taylor Sparks takes a deep dive into the life, experience, and education of Sex Educator and Health & Wellness Advocate Shae Alexander.

collection of colorful sex toys over a yellow, blue, and pink color-blocked background
30 Best Sex Toys for Adults to Spice Up Your Sex Life
Whether you’re craving spicier solo play or more orgasmic partnered sex, here are the best sex toys to check out in your favorite sex shops.

an attractive Black man wearing all black and a hat dancing over a smoky red background
Be the Better Bull
The how, the what, and the who of recreational sex with a Hotwife

woman using her hand to respectfully tell a man to stop advancing on her
How to Say No at a Sex Club Respectfully
There is no room for people-pleasing in the swinger and sex club lifestyle. Learn HOW to say no firmly and respectfully with these tips.

a photo of an open book with pages folded in to form a heart over purple background lights
My Journey Into Ethical Non-Monogamy
How Taylor transitioned into ethical non-monogamy, why she wrote the book An African-American Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy, and the launch of THE SERIES

book cover of An African-American Guide To Ethical Non-Monogamy by Taylor K Sparks
New Book! An African-American Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy
Renowned erotic educator Taylor K. Sparks releases new book that helps African-Americans understand alternative love styles

a photo of a happy Black couple fully clothed on a bed having a conversation
Which is More Intimate: Sleeping Together OR Oral Sex?
In this Ask a Sex Goddess video, Taylor discusses the nuances of intimacy and sex.

a photo of two happy swinger couples in a huddle on a beach
Lifestyle Education: Swinger Lifestyle Etiquette
In this swinger podcast episode, Dan and Lacy explore the world of swinger lifestyle etiquette.

man giving a woman a gift in bed
3 Orgasmic Must-Have Sex Toys for Sizzling Sex
Supercharge your orgasms together with these bestselling toys.

woman over purple background excited about her gift
The Secret to Explosive Orgasms? This Vibe Will Blow Your Mind!
Get ready for liftoff and enjoy earth-shattering pleasure together.

STIs & Sexual Health with Guest Dr. Angela Stoehr
In this swinger podcast episode, Dan and Lacy take a deep dive into the unique healthcare concerns that lifestyle people face with gynecologist and medical expert Dr. Angela Stoehr.

couple holding Tenuto Mini by MysteryVibe
Put a Ring on It: The New Travel-Sized Wearable Vibrator You’ll Both Love
Pocket this pleasure enhancer and enjoy orgasms wherever you may roam.

Intimate couple engaging in great sex
8 Qualities of Great Sex
What is great sex? Are you having great sex? Learn the 8 Qualities of Great Sex here!

Smiling successful business owner and SDC Partner in a red blazer
Want to Make Money & Grow Your Business? Become an SDC Partner!
Learn how SDC Partners have the opportunity to reach open-minded, highly-targeted people around the world.

Panel of businesswomen enjoying their SDC Affiliate Program commissions
SDC Affiliates Work Smarter, Not Harder by Earning Commission
SDC's Affiliate Program provides businesses the opportunity to earn generous and recurring commission. Here's how.

Two smiling successful businesswomen and SDC Partners working together on a laptop
How to Maximize the Simple Yet Powerful SDC Partner Dashboard
Curious about how SDC works to reach your preferred audience? Here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the tools available to our Partners.

Attractive woman with hands behind her back in leather BDSM cuffs
Your Brain on BDSM: The Psychology Behind the Scenes
Does the thought of BDSM turn you on? If you answered yes to that question, why does it turn you on? Understanding your body and how it works can and most definitely will lead to amazing sex!

Condoms in silver wrappers on blue background
Must-Know Facts About STIs
Sexy folk can get sexually transmitted infections. So, singles and couples, you'll want to learn how to maintain a healthy sex life!