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5 Most Common Myths About Swingers

Maddy V     
Here are the 5 most common myths about swingers.
There are lots of myths and legends when it comes to the lifestyle and swingers. Here are the 5 most common myths about swingers.

First of all: What are Myths?

According to Wikipedia a myth is, broadly, any worldview-based traditional story or collection or study thereof:
  • Sacred narrative, which validates a religious system;
  • Myth of origins, which purports to describe the origin of some feature of the natural or social world;
  • Political myth, ideological explanation for a political phenomenon that is believed by a social group;
  • Mythology, a body of myths (e.g., Greek mythology) or the academic discipline that studies myths;
  • Fable;
  • Folklore, a broad body of cultural traditions; Folklorist, the formal, academic discipline devoted to the study of folklore;
  • Legend, narrative that is perceived as within human history with certain qualities of verisimilitude;
  • Urban Legend, contemporary legend or modern story with motivating significance.

So, basically, a myth is a story, a belief or an idea. Here are the 5 most common myths about swingers:

All the swinging females are bisexual or at least bi-curious

No. There are a lot of female swingers with absolutely no interest in other women. Yes. There are quite a few who are!

All swingers have bad marriages or relationships

No. On the contrary. Most swingers have a very good relationship. Actually, you have to have a pretty good relationship when you are in the lifestyle. After all, swinging is not cheating, but having sex with other people with the consent of all parties. And to be able to do so, you need to TALK! Join SDC to meet swingers in your region!

All swingers are ugly, old and/or overweight people

No. Swingers are people, and people come in all shapes and sizes. Young and old, good looking and less good looking. Most swingers take good care of their bodies though. That's a fact!

All swingers love kinky sex and to push boundaries

No. There are swingers who are into kinky sex, but definitely not all. Those who are will obviously reveal that on their profile. Yes. Pushing boundaries can be one of the things they do. But still... they are THEIR boundaries.

All swingers are part of a couple

Technically and to the letter: Yes. But the answer is no. There are couples who like to have a third party to play with (Unicorns) and they can also be called swingers.

What do you think? Are we right with our common myths or not, yes or no?

Maddy V

Dutch journalist and editor. Specialized in writing articles about sex, health and relationships.
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