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The Beauty of Erotic Writing Contests

SDC Erotic Writing Contest Swingers Lifestyle Stories Fantasies
SDC Erotic Writing Contest Swingers Lifestyle Stories Fantasies
Passionate and steamy encounters in the lifestyle are sure to ignite some hot and provoking stories... erotic, mysterious, naughty, sensual, or downright sexual.

SDC Erotic Writing Contest First Swinging Experience Member Story

Sex is human. Sex is an essential driving force in our lives and obviously in the lifestyle. The possibilities, the fantasies, and encounters are infinite. We'd love for you to dig into your naughty experiences — and perhaps sometimes fantasies — and write erotic stories that cause a sexy tidal wave in our brains! They can be dirty, flirty, seductive, or simply full-on sexual!

So many things can arouse us, and it's not all between the legs. It's also emotional — between the ears. And it's precisely there where SDC's erotic writing contest lives.

Read our first-ever Erotic Writing Contest Winning Story here!

Looking for inspiration? Browse the titillating tales written by our SDC Member Community.

Don't Be Shy!

We know there are extraordinary erotic writers among you, and writing those sexy stories is a thrilling challenge! SDC offers you a platform to showcase your talents and give you a chance to win awesome prizes. When you are a novice writer, and you're reluctant to partake, don't hesitate! Just start — you certainly don't have to be a master in erotic language. We're sure you have what it takes to go deep and pull out that compelling and seductive experience and transform it into a story that will have every reader hot and bothered. By all means — allow yourselves to be fearless! Because one thing is for sure: your stories will surely add lust and spice to the lives of your fellow members.

Writing Tips

It's so much fun to spark the wants and desires from your fellow members. Entering our writing contests is a great way to engage with other community members in a unique way. Writing about your experiences is super sexy, plus it's great to read all about the adventures of others. 

Here's a few general tips to take into consideration while you write your erotic story:

1. To get your creative juices flowing, it probably flows best when you are a in sexy mindset.
2. Write what excites you — whether it's from visceral, seductive, yet authentic and real. Readers will feel it.
3. Make sure there is a beginning, a middle, a climax, and an end to your story. Cliffhangers are A-Okay!
4. Watch out for too many poetic flower bombs. Keep the language real, and know that sometimes less is more!
5. Make sure the language you use is not crude.
6. Don't be afraid to take chances. There are many ways to write about sexual experiences or erotic situations, so you be you!
7. Sexual tension makes for a great build-up, so don't forget all the delicious foreplay before that satisfying "climactic" release.
8. Your unique story may be about a successful or unsuccessful encounter; it could be anywhere from boring, ecstatic, crazy, virginal, to shockingly hot.

December 2019 Erotic Writing Contest Entry Details — CLOSED

My First Swinging Experience...

Between 350 – 1250 words

December 26, 2019

Winner announced!
Read our first-ever Erotic Writing Contest Winning Story here!

Your story needs to be about your real-life experience.
Don't use real names.
Don't be too graphic when it comes to language and sexual details.

Have fun, surprise us, and good luck!

Watch for future contest announcements here on and in our Erotic Dating App, available on both Apple and Android.

Sign up and get your creative juices flowing! We can't wait to read your steamy stories.

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May 06, 2021
Thanks for reading, TRAVELERS499 and TNCOUPLE625. We’re so glad to see that you’re interested in submitting stories! We have new writing, photo, and video, contests throughout the year, about once every five or six weeks. We announce new contests exclusively for our members, so watch your SDC Feed for updates and prize details. As members of SDC, you’ll find all current and past Writing Contests in the navigation menu when you're logged in. Happy writing!
Jan 17, 2021
When are writing contests opened each month? What are the prizes?
Feb 06, 2020
I would love to do something like this, when is your next contest?