The Sexy Awesomeness of Lifestyle Events
Not all lifestyle events offer the same activities. How do you determine which ones are right for you?

Everyone knows that different things appeal to different people. No one is the same, and expectations are as diverse as the individuals we are! Looking at the variety of travel events all over the world, basically the same applies.

Diff’rent Strokes for Diff’rent Folks

Where a swinger’s cruise is hands-down the ultimate vacay for one couple, it may not be the scene for another! If having sex in that rooftop Jacuzzi is the only thing that draws you in, then you really won't like any other resort that doesn’t have that option. Your choice for your ultimate vacation is then crystal clear.

Where To?

Cap d'Agde tops the list of lifestyle destinations when it comes to being completely naked all around. It’s a nudist town, to begin with. Some of the main resorts like Le Jardin d' Eden and Le Jardin de Babylone don't mind displays of sex at all, wherever and whenever. Enjoying lunch while a couple — or more, right in front of you — are going at, it is to be expected!

Well-known lifestyle destinations like Desire in Mexico and Hedonism in Jamaica are unique and offer something you either love or hate, yet are excellent escapes to enjoy the lifestyle any time of year. Of course, there is a multitude of events being organized in other places besides these locations. So, what’s up with those?

The Good News

When you’re used to vacationing at dedicated lifestyle resorts, it's sometimes hard to understand why nudity and sexual activity all around is not always a given in every single lifestyle event around the globe. Here’s why: When regular resorts and/or cruise companies decide to take the leap and host a lifestyle event, it's good to realize that they’re not necessarily set up the same way. A virgin, vanilla resort may have additional house rules versus a resort that has been around the block with a lifestyle crowd a few times. These rules also depend on the laws of the land, which can vary from city to city even.

Quality destinations open to the swinger’s concept are not as easy to find as you may think and, contrary to popular beliefs, the almighty dollar or euro is oftentimes not the decisive factor. Hence, it takes considerable effort to cater to the voracious appetite of many lifestylers that wish to explore and discover new places around the globe. At times, some concessions must be made.

In short, comparing dedicated lifestyle destinations with events held at usually more upscale non-lifestyle venues are somewhat of a moot effort, yet all of them offer something that will be enticing for most, if not all. It's also a good idea to watch for repeater events, as they are a good sign that a venue has accepted and fully embraced the lifestyle crowd.

So, Yes or No?

Are non-dedicated lifestyle event venues then less desirable, per definition? No, on the contrary! After all, they each offer something to love: an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to connect with swingers from around the globe that you would otherwise never meet, a chance to grow as a couple, to experience new things, and take your love and sexuality to new heights and then some.

The SDC Travel Team strives for one thing, which is — Sexy Awesomeness! They look for quality, service, and the freedom for swingers of all levels to have a soul-moving experience where the memories gained become legendary — nothing less. So, if a place is Sexy Awesome, do you need to know anything else?

Answer: No, and so it’s a yes to all!

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SDC Travel

The SDC Travel Department organizes every year and with pleasure many lifestyle events. It's our team's goal to grow and inspire the lifestyle community in the broadest sense by connecting and bringing together as many couples as possible for positive lifestyle experiences. Our team has a wild love for finding beautiful places for our guests from all over the world to enjoy. We are enthusiastic in all our efforts to enable these couples to connect, while putting customer service at the very top of our to-do list. Our events at 5-star resorts and boutique cruise ships are a draw to many like-minded people from all over the world who come together for educational play shops, fun entertainment, food, drink and dancing but most importantly, to cherish old friendships, as well as making new ones. We believe that all of our events should be the perfect go-to for sexy moods and should leave every guest happy, maybe somewhat rebelliously naughty, and with an overall feeling of satisfaction from being deeply cared for each and every time.
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