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Expert Dating Tips: From First Date to Relationship

Regardless of your relationship status, making time for new connections — or reconnecting with an existing partner — is critical.

Healthy Non-Monogamy: How to Navigate Conflict

Every dynamic encounters conflict. Listen to this podcast to find out how to manage it when multiple partners are involved.

Sex Education, Confidence, and Empowerment

Every woman deserves to know about her body and experience shameless sexuality.

How to Play Alone in Non-Monogamous Relationships

Lexi gets pretty personal about her romantic life with her partner, so you're going to want to put on your headphones for this podcast!

Southwest Love Fest Recap: A Weekend in Tucson, Arizona

This unique conference provides an inclusive and transformational space for individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities for the non-monogamous community.

Butt Stuff: Pegging, Prostate Play and Double Standards

Learn all the important basics of what you need to know about anal stimulation in this boot(y) camp episode.

Sexual Assault: Survivor Support & Social Change

This episode gets very real about sexual assault, including how our current social culture plays a role and why people may choose not to report incidences.

American Sex Podcast Episode 73: Mindfulness & Stress in Sex &...

Stress has a heavy impact in the bedroom. Learn how to use mindfulness to overcome it and about how to find common ground with your partner.

American Sex Podcast Episode 74: The Science of Sexual Fantasy with...

This episode might just change your life — especially if you've ever wondered if your sexual fantasies are too “weird.”

American Sex Podcast Episode 75: Surviving R Kelly & Our History...

The Surviving R. Kelly docuseries prompts an impromptu conversation between Sunny & Lola about America's long history of sexualizing teens.