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The Sexual Revolution Starts Now: A New Era of Sexuality

The era of shameless sex has arrived, and it's all about shattering social stigmas and exploring taboos.

Bisexuality: Why is There a Double Standard?

Why are bisexual men stigmatized while bisexual women are fetishized in society and popular culture?

Lexi Sylver’s NEW Radio Show on The Sexy Lifestyle Network!

It finally happened. Lexi Sylver has a platform on which to voice her opinions about sexuality — UNCENSORED!

The Art of Sensual Impact Play: From Consent to After Care

If you're looking to explore the more sensual side of BDSM and learn how you can get out your own kinks, listen to this podcast with King Heff, a sexual enhancement product specialist from Charlotte, North Carolina, also known as the creator of Pink Heffs and Black Heffs and an expert in the art of sensual impact play.

Hotwives, Cuckolds and Kinks: Popular Taboos Explained

Lexi Sylver gets down and dirty with the intimate details of Front Porch Swingers Brenna and Brian's unique relationship and explores how opening up your relationship to new erotic possibilities can improve your relationship and your sex life.

Building Ethically Non-Monogamous Relationships

If you're curious about the best ways to navigate your first steps into the sexy world of consensual non-monogamy (also known interchangeably as ethical non-monogamy), listen to this Lexi Sylver podcast with Dr. Liz Powell, a licensed psychologist specializing in non-traditional relationships and the author of the book Building Open Relationships.

Polyamory: Exploring Polyamorous Relationships

People are sticking less and less to traditional relationship norms and are looking outside the (sometimes restrictive) box of monogamy to find a relationship type that works for them and their personality. And for a lot of people, that means polyamory.

Pornography, Photography and the Female Gaze: An Interview with Holly Randall

Holly and Lexi discuss what it’s like for a woman behind the scenes of the adult entertainment industry; specifically, what it’s like for a female director, producer, and photographer behind the camera.

American Sex Podcast Episode 52: Graydancer and Naiia – Redefining BDSM...

We sat down with BDSM and rope bondage superstars, Graydancer and Naiia to talk about the BDSM "scene." Some assume this group is ripe with open communication, ethical behavior, and clearly negotiated consent because those concepts are cornerstones of BDSM.

American Sex Podcast Episode 36: Kitty Stryker – SESTA/FOSTA, Consent and...

Much of this week's episode is devoted to SESTA/FOSTA, and Kitty tells us why these bills are damaging to not only consensual sex workers but all of our personal and sexual freedoms.