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"Janine is the co-founder of Warm Inc., the leader in heat-based, sensual bedroom accessories. Featuring patented Tender Technology, her innovative products WARM and TOUCH invite users to discover even more pleasure possibilities from their toys and lubricants through the unique addition of heat. After a profound experience using warm pleasure products with her lover and partner, Janine made it her mission to champion heat as a deliciously tactile layer to intimacy. Having worked for many years in the health and beauty industry, Janine uses her luxury brand knowledge and keen eye for design to create cutting-edge, tech-driven products for today’s modern lovers. Janine runs the business with said lover, life and business partner LJ, aka Mr. Warm, while Janine has been known to answer to The Queen of Heat!"
Could you imagine? An orgasm so intense it propelled you to invest in building an entire company to help others experience the same pleasure you did?

Connection: The third chapter in our sexual trifecta adventure.

Explore the next step in the sexual trifecta: sensation.

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