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"Julieta is a young, experienced sex blogger specializing in female sexuality, sex toys, and kink. A psychology graduate from the University of Utah, Julieta uses her education plus modern societal encounters to share her knowledge and experience of sexuality as one of the youngest women in the adult space. Using her platform to show that there are endless ways to express your sexuality, Julieta regularly partners with toy brands and companies to shine light on new products and curate social media branding. Through the use of personal experiences and sharing honestly about her intimacy, she has made insightful impact on her community by helping others explore who they are within a safe and positive environment. For far too long the world has overlooked sexuality, especially female sexuality and pleasure. Julieta works with everyone from the younger generation to our older friends to Reclaim Our Power. Julieta is a digital nomad and can be found lounging in Barcelona, Miami, Salt Lake City, or Buenos Aires — just a couple of her usual homes."
SDC Julieta Chiara BDSM Rigging Rope Limb Restraint Submissive
If you are ready to receive, restraining your limbs may be the answer.

BDSM Submissive Dominant Power Exchange Empowerment Consent Julieta Chiara SDC
To practice safe and conscious BDSM, we must first consider some of the cardinal rules and terminology that are in place to ensure your comfort, safety, and of course, fun!

BDSM Julieta Chiara Healing Trauma Sexual Therapy SDC
BDSM can be a powerful tool in healing trauma, giving power back to its participants.