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Often confused with hotwifing, cuckolding is a popular kink, especially among swingers. Learn the difference between cuckolding and hotwifing, how to be a cuckold, and more.
a photo of an open book with pages folded in to form a heart over purple background lights
My Journey Into Ethical Non-Monogamy
How Taylor transitioned into ethical non-monogamy, why she wrote the book An African-American Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy, and the launch of THE SERIES

Two smiling successful businesswomen and SDC Partners working together on a laptop
How to Maximize the Simple Yet Powerful SDC Partner Dashboard
Curious about how SDC works to reach your preferred audience? Here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the tools available to our Partners.

Panel of businesswomen enjoying their SDC Affiliate Program commissions
SDC Affiliates Work Smarter, Not Harder by Earning Commission
SDC's Affiliate Program provides businesses the opportunity to earn generous and recurring commission. Here's how.

Smiling successful business owner and SDC Partner in a red blazer
Want to Make Money & Grow Your Business? Become an SDC Partner!
Learn how SDC Partners have the opportunity to reach open-minded, highly-targeted people around the world.

SDC Erika Jordan Virtual Sexpert Online Dating Profile Advice
Make the Most of Your Online Dating Profile
Modern dating is driven by making digital connections. Here are Erika's tips on how to create more effective online dating profiles.

SDC Erika Jordan Virtual Sexpert Love Coach Sex Game Advice Couples
The Bedroom Game You Need to Try
Each new partner responds to different things in the bedroom. Find out what turns them on with this easy and erotic activity.

SDC Ms Morgan Thorne BDSM Scene Fantasies Tools Toys Education
Creating BDSM Scenes Part 1: 6 Ways to Find Your Inspiration
If you're new to BDSM, Ms Morgan is here to give six ideas to inspire self-exploration and spark your imagination.

SDC Hotwife Taylor Gabe Mann SeXXXperience Hotwifing Lifestyle Sexual Education
Hotwife Taylor & Gabe's Hotwifing Journey
Lifestyle adventures evolve over time, just like any new exploration. Here's how Hotwife Taylor and her husband Gabe found their way toward making their fantasies a reality.

SeXXXperience Taylor Leigh Gabe Gabriel Mann Swingers Escort Porn Hotwife Lifestyle SDC
Introducing Hotwife Taylor & Gabe Mann
Get to know the authors of memoir and lifestyle guide SeXXXperience in this exclusive video.

Dungeon Etiquette
If you're new to kink and BDSM scenes, watch this to learn some of the dos and don'ts in the dungeon.

SDC SexBecause Charlie Arienne Swingers Lifestyle Advice BDSM Cuckold
Q&A: My Husband Wants to be Humiliated During Sex. Help!
When you love your partner, it can be difficult to engage in degradation roleplay like cuckolding. Here's how to do it.

The Right Approach to Socializing in a Sex-Positive Environment
Oasis Aqualounge shares their dos and don'ts when socializing in a clothing-optional environment.