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The Healing Smile: Taoist Tantra Guided Meditation

We can all benefit from the soothing power of healing ourselves, and Kayteezee is here to guide us into our bodies.

In this exclusive video, Kayteezee guides us through a brief healing Taoist meditation. An intricate and enchanting mandala helps hold your gaze. Simply allow yourself to follow her soothing voice and feel a deeper connection to your centered, calm self. Once you've tapped into the gentle smile, Kayteezee helps you send this healing power to areas of the body that call out for your attention.

Use this meditation whenever you feel stuck or stagnant — in or out of the bedroom — and encourage your partner(s) to practice this meditation. We can all benefit from the power of healing Tao.

Katherine "Kayteezee" Zitterbart

Katherine "Kayteezee" Zitterbart is an educator and coach who centers on compassion, communication, and consent. She has worked with thousands of people over the last 25+ years, during which she has created and delivered custom workshops and classes on a wide variety of subjects, including Taoist Tantra, BDSM, Sex Positive Yoga, and Compassionate Communication. One of Katherine’s superpowers is helping people in power exchange relationships cultivate their relationships in a way that empowers the bottom/submissive. A powerful submissive in a power exchange relationship has the capacity to communicate their needs without ‘topping from the bottom’ and can serve their top/dominant in such a way that creates the freedom so many submissives desire — strange as that may seem. In fact, power exchange relationships can create a felt sense of liberation for the submissive, and helping people find that is one of Katherine’s great pleasures in life.
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