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Self-Care and You: Tips For a Healthy Body and Mind

SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Sexuality Self Care
SDC Lexi Sylver Seek Discover Create Podcast Sex Education Sexuality Self Care

As a new year starts, it's time for a new mindset and focus for the months ahead.

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual fiends and friends.

January -- aka Resolution Time -- is still in full swing, and people are struggling to stick to all the lofty resolutions and goals they set for themselves, however impossible they might seem to achieve. Like going to the gym, changing your eating habits, and taking more time for yourself, for instance. Does that sound like you or anyone in your entourage?

Goal-setting (and resolution-making) is easy to do. But following through on them is the hard part. Especially since when we're in the early goal-setting stages, we have high aspirations and tend to overdo it by being a tad unrealistic - like resolving to do too much in an unreasonably short time frame.

So, it's no wonder that so many of us fail at following through on our resolutions -- and once broken, say FUCK IT and figure well, I already failed, no point in getting back on that horse.

The Importance of Self-Care

In this podcast episode, Dr. Megan Stubbs, reputed sexologist specializing in sexual wellness, education and pleasure, is going to teach us that it's OK to fail, and not to let that totally derail our plans, goals and resolutions.

We're also going to address important questions like:

Why is self-care one the fastest-growing wellness trends in the last few years? How is self-care so important and beneficial to your sexual, physical and mental health?

If you want to know how to get into the habit of prioritizing yourself, even with a busy schedule, you’ll enjoy tonight’s podcast.

We’re going to explore the different types of self-care and how they contribute to a healthier YOU, and how those benefits can spill over into having more positive relationships with others. We discuss the reasons why millennials seem to be so much more interested in self-care than previous generations, as well as who is most likely to engage in wellness practices.

With Megan’s wellness goal-setting tips and advice on what to do if you can’t stick to your goals or New Year’s Resolutions, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier mind and body in no time.

Lexi Sylver

Lexi Sylver is the Montreal-based erotica author of Mating Season and All the Queen’s Men. She enjoys having a kinky and unconventional lifestyle and sharing her stories and experiences with others. As an entrepreneur, podcaster, advocate, educator, public speaker and coach for consensual non-monogamy and the swinging lifestyle, she regularly contributes articles about sexuality and relationships to Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, ASN Lifestyle Magazine, and her personal blog. Her mission is to promote empowerment and education by guiding you to shamelessly explore your Lexuality. Find out more at
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