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What is a Session?

The modern world of relationship coaching might look a bit different than a traditional therapy session. Here's what to expect.

Erika Jordan is a certified love coach and NLP practitioner. As you know, Erika offers one on one sessions on her site But what is a session? What does it entail? Maybe you need to go back a step to What is a Sexpert? Well, no two sessions are the same. For the first session, you will cover some basics, such as what areas you would like to improve. Then Erika analyzes with you different methods to get your desired outcome and find out which one would work best for you.

Erika will often incorporate hypnotherapy or NLP into her sessions when the client requests it. Or when she feels it is part of what is required to do to ensure you get positive results. Based on what you accomplish in the first session, the information could be all you need, and you will never see her again. Or you see progress and want to continue and incorporate more action into acquiring your goal.

You can talk with Erika over the phone, on video chat, or meet in person. Erika Jordan customizes each session to ensure you get the best results. Erika gets right to the point and does everything in her power to help you. Your goals are her goals, and you will achieve them together! Take the first step to transform your love life at

Erika Jordan

Erika Jordan is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, author, media personality, and leader in the field of Digital Romance and Online Dating. She is a Certified Love Coach, Master Sexpert, Loveologist, Relationship Expert, and ACE Certified Health & Fitness Trainer. Visit
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