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The OMG of Vaginal Rejuvenation

The OMG of Vaginal Rejuvenation SDC Travelling Goddess Sexual Health
The OMG of Vaginal Rejuvenation SDC Travelling Goddess Sexual Health
O.M.G. indeed!

In our search for enhancing sexual pleasure, science adds more and more options for women to try and give their lady bits a do-over — plus ways to strengthen and intensify their big Os. Do I hear you yell out an excited OMG!? Awesome, because that literally sums up the abbreviation of the latest technologies out there to take your vagina for a paid visit to the fountain of youth!

What is the O?

The term O-Shot (a registered trademark) is short for “Orgasm” shot. Now, that sure sounds fantastic! With an Orgasm or O-shot, Platelet Rich Plasma (RPR) is taken from your blood (about half a teaspoon) and then injected into your clitoris (I involuntarily clenched my legs there for a second) and in your vagina in the area of the so-called ‘Gräfenburg’-spot, or widely known as your G-Spot.

Apparently, this O-shot stimulates the growth of new cells in your vaginal walls and clitoris. It very much reminds me of the Vampire Facial with the compliments of Charles Runels, where the same procedure is done but to your face to rejuvenate your looks. It’s the same guy that figured it wouldn’t hurt to inject your nether regions the same way, either. What is a promising factor is that PRP is a natural component of the body, and it is proven to promote healthy tissue growth, so it does make sense in a way.

According to the official O-shot site, the O-shot claims benefits in the following areas, and it all screams hey to the va-yay!
* Reduced urinary stress incontinence
* Increased libido
* Improved ability to orgasm and greater frequency
* Decreased pain during intercourse
* Increased lubrication
* Tighter vaginal opening

In essence, this promises a total rejuvenation of your lady parts that can last up to three years — sometimes longer. On average, women repeat the procedure every 18 months. I guess I’d be eager to keep that going, too!

What is the M?

The M of OMG stands for the MonaLisa Touch.

In my search for options on how to Benjamin Button my vagina, I came across another minimally-invasive procedure especially meant for women after childbirth and during menopause:
The MonaLisa Touch.

I'm guessing they named it MonaLisa because they use a specific laser, kind of like a paintbrush to gently laser the tissue of your vaginal walls. This promotes the production of new collagen, which, in turn, improves the functionality of that treated area, restoring full balance to the mucous membrane. This would also help with issues associated with urinary dysfunction that plagues so many.

Basically, this treatment promises to give your tissue the tone and elasticity it once had, and, as you can imagine, that may positively affect your quality of life and sexual relationships.

What is the G?

The G-Shot, another trademarked term, refers to the injection of hyaluronan filler (a collagen-based substance commonly found in skincare products) into your G-Spot under local anesthetic. This will then need to be repeated every three to five months to stay effective.

The idea is that this filler enlarges your G-Spot, and, with a more pronounced G-Spot, it should give you heightened arousal and an increase in vaginal orgasms. This was ever-so-kindly invented by Dr. David Matlock, a gynecologist from Los Angeles, whose mission is to empower women and be more in tune with themselves. Nice!

Fun fact: I never knew the official full name for this erotic zone that dwells within my vagina, did you? It was already found by German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenburg in the 1950s. Of course, the existence of this mysterious G-Spot — even though many ladies and unicorns in the lifestyle have found it during SDC PlayShops at its events all around the world — somehow still continues to be a hotly-contested topic. Some ‘experts’ still debate its existence for lack of scientific evidence. Those in the lifestyle surely know better.

Do these shots actually enhance sexual pleasure?

Well, that would be an interesting survey for sure! A dear friend of mine did the G-Shot about two years ago, and she told me she definitely felt a difference in a super-hot way, and her partner was very happy with that as well! She experienced multiple, spontaneous vaginal orgasms shortly after she received the shot.

A word of caution is in order, as is the case with any treatment; of course, not everyone will benefit in equal ways. In the growing field of female genital procedures, scientific studies are being done to determine the true effectiveness of these fairly new tools available to us ladies.

There is, of course, plenty of skepticism out there as well, claiming that these options just take advantage of us women who long for more intense sexual pleasure and that nothing really supports those beneficial claims. Ah, well, what world would we live in if weren’t any Debbie Downers? Granted, any procedure has risks involved, but so far, mostly only bruising, swelling, or spotting have been reported.

All good things come in threes!

These three treatments seem to currently be the holy trinity in filling the lack of options available to women looking to boost their sex life.

Would I personally get injections in my vagina promising months — if not years — of enhanced sexual pleasure and more intense orgasms? For sure! Once I can muster up the funds and the chutzpah to OMG myself, I’ll be sure to share my experience and I’d sure love to hear yours! Until such time, I’ll just have to make do.

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