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Aqua Erotics, a Surprising Dive into All Things Wet

SDC Travelling Goddess Aqua Erotics Fetish woman-underwater
SDC Travelling Goddess Aqua Erotics Fetish woman-underwater
There is something about water and sex that is magical.

When thinking of water and sex together, fond images surface in my mind of a hot romp in the shower or shimmering, candlelit, foamy bathtubs, where the warm water wraps like soft satin around writhing bodies with condensed glasses of bubbly champagne living on the edge. Maybe also a generous plate of chocolate-covered strawberries and fresh whipped cream… you get the picture; nothing special to see here. Before you race off for a sex sesh in the bathroom right now, you may want to check out the article that touches upon the question of whether sex in the shower or bath is awkward or awesome for some tips.

Surprisingly so, there is a water world out there with quite a few different aqua fetishes, and some of them are definitely out there, for lack of better words. Some are regular, almost everyday things, perhaps, that have an official name you probably didn’t know about. Of course, aqua erotics is not to be confused with water sports, as aqua erotics dives into sexual behaviors and fetishes not attributed to bodily fluids.

Here are a few examples (not claiming completeness):

Sexual excitement derived from baths or showers or other modes of washing oneself.

Sexual arousal from water. Okay, swingers and non-swingers alike love having sex in swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

Sexual arousal from floods. I guess those that are into this could be described as storm chasers with a hard-on.

Aquaphilia or Hydrophilia:
A form of sexual fetishism where sexual arousal involves an attraction to swimsuits, posing underwater, and a strong desire for sexual activity in or underwater.

The use of the water spray from a bidet for sexual gratification and masturbation.

Sex in a bathtub. Who knew it had this official name?

Coitus a unda:
Sex under water. I’d leave this over to the professionals as to me this has a risk of drowning.

Water Bondage:
A fetish where bondage comes in to play when a person is submerged in or even under water.

Sexual arousal from immersing genitals in liquids like water or liquids that resemble bodily secretions.
Several such liquid libations come to mind, but I'll leave it up to your imagination to fill in the blanks.

Sexual arousal from ice and freezing cold. It goes quite a bit further than temperature play or sensation play where, for instance, ice cubes and candle wax are involved, and it can include sexual arousal from watching people who feel cold.

I can see several -philias and -isms that most people are not strangers to and can definitely check off as "been there, done that," but a few do seem to have some risks involved.

The takeaway here is that those hot flames of passion aren’t necessarily and automatically cooled down with water, nor with ice — on the contrary, indeed.

Stay safe,

The Travelling Goddess


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The Travelling Goddess

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