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Movement when Roped

Last night, my wife and I planned an intimate evening at home...

Last night, my wife and I planned an intimate evening at home...

Rope Play

I laid out my rope as she undressed. First, I wrapped her chest and we were both having fun. Next, I tied her legs so they could not be extended. Nothing fancy just a basic tie I’ve done before. She laid back and rolled over on her stomach. Everything was fine until she attempted to try to sit up on her knees in a push up style. I heard a scream and immediately removed the rope.

The swift motion pulled a muscle in her lower back. Thanks to a recent class at F.I.R.E. (Florida Intense Rope Experience), we knew to ice the area instead of using heat (thank you Miss Doctor). However, the pain was bad enough that there were tears from a woman I’ve never seen cry before. Twelve hours later, several bags of ice and ibuprofen every 6 hours, the pain is less but still there.

It took almost three days for the pain to fully subside and luckily there was no permanent injury.

As I quote my instructor, “In this lifestyle, it’s not if you’ll get hurt but when”.

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