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Get the Electro-Sex FAQs with Claire from ElectraStim

Erotic electrostimulation can seem intimidating, but by the end of this Q&A, you just might find yourself adding a kinky new device in your pleasure product collection.

If you're new to the world of erotic electrostimulation, Claire is here with answers to a series of frequently asked questions about ElectraStim and how to use it and other e-stim toys.

In the video, Claire answers and debunks the following queries and myths:

  • Does electro-sex/e-stim hurt?
  • Will e-stim damage my nerve endings?
  • Isn't e-stim only for 'hardcore' players?
  • Can I achieve Hands Free Orgasm (HFO) with e-stim?
  • Can I use e-stim toys if I'm pregnant?


"ElectraStim is one of the leading electro sex manufacturers in the world and we’ve been developing a huge range of stimulators and accessories for over 18 years. Based in Hertfordshire in the UK, our specialist background in neuromuscular stimulation; which makes ElectraStim unique in the adult industry as every product is designed with pleasure in mind first and foremost. Presented by Marketing Manager Claire; our videos aim to educate new or experienced users about electro sex, how to use it safely and pleasurably as well as dispelling some of the many myths and areas of misinformation that surround the category. At ElectraStim we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and create products you’ve never seen before; not only within e-stim but within the adult industry as a whole. As proof of our hard work, over the last few years ElectraStim have won numerous adult industry awards for product design, innovation and were also voted ‘BDSM Pleasure Products Company of the Year’ by XBIZ in 2018.
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