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Conscious Living Show: The Power of a Retreat

In this episode of Conscious Living, Dr. Nancy Sutton explores the benefits and intricacies of "retreat magic."
Upon returning from a Caribbean retreat she created and ran for forty people for a week, Dr. Nancy shares her discoveries along the way in this episode of Conscious Living.

What Can a Retreat Do For You?

The purpose of a retreat is to bring strangers together for a common purpose. In this case, it was to honor women, and teach both men and women how to be in relationship with each other in a healthy, respectful, honest way. It was also to have time to explore our own beliefs about life, love, sex, truth, responsibility, honesty, etc., and to have professional guidance for any desired reprogramming.

Why people choose to attend such a retreat?

  • They often don’t know what they are in for
  • They are ready to shake it up
  • Their life isn’t going exactly as they planned or desired
  • They are ready to push their boundaries and redesign their life

How can so many strangers create such a deep bond so quickly?

It's human nature to create a tribe of intimates with people you can laugh with, share intimacy with, feel close to, trust,  and depend on.

Why is there always drama?

Relationships are the most important aspect of being human — and the most complicated. When we don’t know each other’s true nature or character, we base everything on face value — and we judge accordingly. We can’t possibly give “benefit of the doubt” without a behavioral track record.

The Aftermath of a Retreat

  • Withdrawal and re-entry program;

  • Processing the happenings (autopsy);

  • Staying in touch: Deconstructing, “did this happen the way I am remembering it,” validating experiences, feelings, learnings.

What you choose to take forward from the learning: Create a list of things you would like to shift from what you learned. Maybe you went in with expectations that were not realistic, and you were disappointed. Learn how to better communicate your expectations the next time or set expectations for your own behavior rather than the behavior of others, and realize that we can’t possibly know how things are going to unfold (the mystery of life) and that is part of the excitement of attending such a self-revealing, introspective, and life-changing retreat.

I always learn about myself during these retreats (I have been running them for over a decade) — and I come out the other side altered in some way (more aware of my humanness, my weaknesses, my strengths, and where my work is). My husband always reminds me that my work really is “one person at a time,” and this is very true. 

I held many while they sobbed, I was held for my own sobbing; I laughed, cried, and fell in love with many of the souls who entrusted themselves to me and were open to what I have to share. Even those I had a conflict with were great teachers — for we are all complicated beings with both light and shadow aspects of ourselves — we need time to experience and know all aspects without fear or self-depreciation. 

I always say during this show that Conscious Living is about “waking up to your life” and this is exactly what a mindful retreat can do to catapult you into the next level of self-awareness and consciousness. I am the only one responsible for my experiences, whom I chose to experience them with and how I process them afterwards. It’s a big job -- but what else is more important than using this time to live our finest life with the highest of purpose? I can’t think of anything.

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce - Clinical Sexologist

Hello, I'm Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce. I'm delighted to be a part of the SDC professional family. I've been in health care for over three decades and earned my Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality in 2015. Since then I've been traveling the world teaching and hosting retreats in places like China, Jamaica, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, as well as all across the USA. I was featured as The Sexologist on This Is Life with Lisa Ling in season 6, and have been featured in numerous publications, TV and Radio shows. I also hosted my own radio show for ten years called, The Conscious Living Show. My focus is empowering both women and men with regards to their own pleasures and intimacy literacy. Knowing what we want is one thing, knowing how to ask and then be patient is a whole other level of communication required for healthy relationships. I'm also a Sensual Yoga Therapist and I bring the Yin/Yang blends into all of my courses and retreats. I have created a magical program called, "The Kama Sutra Oasis" for couples seeking deeper intimacy and profound communication skills. My private practice reaches clients locally and internationally as I provide counsel both in person and via Skype. My background is quite eclectic and my perspectives are nonjudgmental and very open minded. My intention is to help you find peace and celebration with your authentic self, and then learn to love who you are even more! "When we're at peace with who we are, we find greater compassion with those around us."
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