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Sexy Secrets of the Zodiac

SDC The 8th House Julie McGill Astrology Zodiac Relationship Love Lifestyle Guidance Sexual Pleasure
SDC The 8th House Julie McGill Astrology Zodiac Relationship Love Lifestyle Guidance Sexual Pleasure
Julie McGill shares her simple formula for learning how one's Zodiac Sign can be used to predict how they approach sexual pleasure

Astrology is on its way to a well-deserved comeback. And in case you didn’t know, asking someone their sign isn’t cliché anymore, it means you know what’s up. 

If you are one of those people still thinking astrology is silly and superstitious, let me be the person you will thank for telling you this: Knowing a little astrology puts phenomenal power in your hands when it comes to sex. And what would you have to lose if I told you a zodiac sign — one word of information about the stunning individual you just met — could help you predict, charm, and please them better? Exactly. Read on…

You don’t have to memorize the specific characteristics of all twelve signs to use this trick. Instead, we are grouping the signs into four categories called elements — Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. All Earth signs operate similarly, all Fire signs operate similarly, and so on. The general rules set forth for the element groups below give you clues for understanding how that hottie you just met is likely to enjoy.


The Earth Signs. These people are physically motivated. This is the most basic, traditional, sensual element group. Of all the signs, Earth signs are most strongly connected to their bodies. They react to touch easily, powerfully, and are gifted with stamina. They appreciate the physical progression of an encounter and any tricks that might incorporate their senses of smell, touch, and taste at the same time. But never mistake basic sensuality for cheap taste. Expensive fragrance, fine sheets, and a long, drawn-out lovemaking session are what they long for.


The Water Signs. These people are motivated by emotion. Water signs are sensual like Earth signs but need more privacy, caution, and romance. They enjoy an experience that arouses feelings of care, reciprocity, and a deeper connection. Before making your move with a water sign, ask questions about them, and hear their answers. Water signs are intuitive, so nothing other than a genuine desire to understand and share with them will do. Their generous, erotic nature at first seems a mystery, but playing the chess match proves worthwhile once they know you’re invested.


The Fire Signs. These people are motivated by excitement. Fire signs are less connected to their bodies than Earth and Water signs, making their appreciation of finer physical sensation difficult. They are generally harder, active, aggressive, and more rambunctious lovers. Fire signs are impulsive, needing adventure and spontaneity. Their passion is fast and in the moment. Planning and delay often dissipates their sexual energy. Some very direct flirtation followed by an offer to seduce them now, in public, versus waiting any longer, will turn the heat of their fiery spark into a flame.


The Air Signs. These people are mentally motivated. Air signs feel little connection to their bodies. Instead, the brain serves as their primary sex organ. Their response to physical touch is heavily dependent upon your ability to keep their fleeting attention. Air people have a light, charming, and curious nature about them. They appreciate chatting, flirting, and the intrigue of the unknown. Telling them all the naughty things you’d like to do to them is your best bet, as it gets the wheels of their imagination turning. Maintained stimulation requires newness, unpredictability, verbal fantasizing, and experimentation.

This fun intro to sexual astrology brushes the surface of an entire world of knowledge useful to you and your relationships. True astrology is not about fortune telling and generic zodiac stereotypes. It is a precise look at the deepest, most intimate parts of who you are and an amazing tool for understanding your sexuality and relationship dynamics. Uncover the power of a secret hiding in plain sight and book with The 8th House today…


Julie McGill is a personal mentor and intuitive guide whose services help clients develop greater happiness and meaning in their love lives. Educated as an attorney, relationship coach, and intuitive, Julie leads clients on amazing journeys of self-discovery. Her novel guidance techniques balance the practical and the magical, combining traditional coaching strategies with novel concepts like astrology and energy work. Julie and her company, The 8th House, have been featured at numerous Lifestyle events where her workshops teach powerful tools for exploring one’s sexual desires and relationship attitudes. Those tools can also predict specific points of conflict between two people and explain why they occur. Julie’s services offer a new vantage point, an unexpected depth of insight, helpful to anyone who seeks to navigate love, sex, and relationships better.
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