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Being Bisexual

If being bisexual sounds straightforward to you, think again. Especially if you're an openly bisexual male...

We are often labeled, classified and sorted into groups: Democrat or Republican, religious or atheist, white collar or blue collar; we have an almost obsessive need to group people by a simple word or term.

Male bisexuals are a subgroup of a subgroup that is often often minimized, forgotten or sometimes questioned to even exist by some. As a 40-something, educated, out bisexual male in an open marriage, I can attest to the poor treatment I’ve received by many groups.

Many gay men tell me I’m just confused or greedy, and need to pick a side. This is so disappointing from a group that is very familiar with the struggle against ignorance and intolerance.

Couples my wife and I were dating abruptly stopped when I mentioned I was bi. Vanillas are the most confused, if not by my sexual preference then by my open marriage.

While I don’t want to speak for others in a similar positions; I am real person. I am not myth. I am not confused, and I do not need to change to fit your way of thinking.

Sex Positive Me

On Sex Positive Me, we explore all aspects of sex and relationships, ranging from Fetishes and BDSM to Ethical Non-monogamy and LGBTQ issues. Sex Positive Me destigmatizes sexual practices and relationships while reconciling reality with myths & misconceptions. Our goal is to educate, entertain and be advocates of sexual freedom. Our Services include: Podcasting, Workshops, Webinars, Tantra, and Sex & Relationship Coaching
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