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Q&A: Why Don't Lifestylers Accept Me with My New Girlfriend?

Even when an open couple breaks up, other people in their lives take sides. Here's how to handle it.

As with any group of people that get to know each other, people tend to take sides, and it's normal to lose friends after a break-up. In this Q&A edition of SexBecause, Charlie and Arienne explain how they would handle it when a non-monogamous community seems less accepting when someone from a separated partnership brings in a new person.

SexBecause with Charlie & Arienne

"Dr. Charlie and Dr. Arienne Williams have specialized knowledge and training around the diverse ways in which people choose to explore their sexuality and/or gender. This will enable the person to feel accepted and understood, without judgement, and free from unnecessary questioning to clarify their understanding. As discrimination is sadly still common surrounding sexual diversity, people may find it difficult to come to terms with their choices and preferences, which can lead to deep feelings of shame. These feelings can lead to difficulties in relationships, and internal conflict within self. Seeking support from Charlie and Arienne of can help explore these feelings without any fear of the therapist being perhaps shocked or not understanding for example terms and/or slang which may be used in non traditional sexual lifestyles. Dr. Charlie and Dr. Arienne have over 27 years clinical direct care experience dealing with PTSD, sexual trauma, relationship and couples therapy as well as grief support and substance abuse. They have trained over 200 therapists in experiential and cognitive behavioral therapy and worked with over 3,000 patients directly and are themselves clinicians. Confidential online therapy, as well as therapy in their Houston Texas office is also available."
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