Which Type of Open Relationship is Right for You?

Discovering and being honest about the type of open relationship you want to have with your partner is an integral step to enjoying the entire experience even more.

You've had the conversation, you and your partner have decided that an open relationship is what you both desire. Coming to that conclusion leads you to the next potentially more important question: What type of open relationship works for you as a couple?

First, Define What Open Means to Your Relationship

There are a number of definitions in the world of open relationships. Will you be swinging as a couple and entertaining only other like-minded couples? Are you more interested in a polyamorous relationship, taking on multiple romantic partners? Are you open to the idea of your partner playing with a single man or woman? Addressing all of these questions with your partner is paramount to the success of your open relationship.

Some Questions to Ask Your Partner

Sometimes conversations around sex and intimacy can be incredibly uncomfortable (one of a few reasons some people choose not to have them). We recommend the following questions to ask your partner first, and consider yourself, as you prepare to enter into a non-monogamous arrangement:

  • What is our why? What are some of the reasons we each feel we need or want non-monogamy?
  • Where is our current comfort level of play? What are some things we think we would enjoy watching each other do or hearing about each other doing?
  • Are we prepared to be judged for our lifestyle choice? How could it potentially impact our work lives, personal lives, etc.?
  • Is our current relationship strong enough to withstand the various components of an open relationship? Do we feel secure with each other?
  • What are some of the potential pitfalls we could run into? What are our plans for combating them?
  • Where do we begin? How do we find playmates, other poly people or whatever else we decide to seek out?

In asking these questions, and answering them honestly, we are convinced that you will be able to uncover which avenue is right for you and your partner. Take nothing for granted, question everything, confide in your partner, and trust them to confide in you in return. Share your thoughts, needs, and desires with total clarity. We look forward to discussing this topic, and others like it, in much greater detail via our future educational platform, coming soon!

Front Porch Swingers

We are Brian and Brenna, hosts of a weekly swinger and hotwife podcast called Front Porch Swingers! Through our podcast, we have been offered opportunities to connect with lifestylers from around the world, understanding nonmonogamy and all its facets on a deeper level. Now, we're taking the show on the road! Starting in January of 2021, we will be touring the United States, meeting sexually open people and creating content to showcase all different types of nonmonogamy! If you see we will be in your town and are interested in meeting, don't hesitate to reach out! Aside from the podcast, we are sexually adventurous people who love to connect with others via sex. We are also quite particular and won't get naked unless the chemistry is obvious. We prefer separate play, either with couples in separate rooms or with singles. That being said, that damn elusive 4-way connection is certainly not off the table for us. We love to travel, hike, go to live music shows, cook, and camp, and we'd love to connect with people who share some of those interests.
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