Is it Time to Play the Swingers Way?

If you’re both curious about the swinging lifestyle, here’s how to know if you’re ready to give it a try.

Many relationships begin entirely monogamous, as that is still the most accepted form in today's world. For as many couples that are completely happy in such relationships, there are as many that — either from the get-go or later into the relationship — feel a certain urge to reconsider traditional ways. So, the question is then, how do you know you both are ready to turn to the swingers lifestyle if you are curious to the scene? Let's explore...

You're Sexy and You Know It!

If you've had multiple relationships before you found 'the one,' you may have had several lovers at the same time. For some, it's not a problem to commit emotionally and sexually to one partner. For some, it's a bit more complicated. If you absolutely love to flirt, like to steal a kiss, enjoy a touch from a stranger and feel attracted to the same sex and most, if not all, of these things excite you, it surely doesn't mean you're not made for a monogamous relationship. I'd say it's natural, even.

What Gives?

When you've had a couple or plenty of relationships, you probably know yourself better than a first-timer. Relationships more often than not evolve with trial and error. There are, of course, many different forms of relationships. Friends with Benefits, Fuckbuddies, Open Relationship, Polyamory, you name it — it's all up for grabs.

Now, if you find yourself in a relationship where you're both mentally and emotionally true to your primary partner, yet you're both open to exploring together in the physical sense with others, you may wish to consider something else. Do you find sexual adventures together with others refreshing while still being secure in the knowledge that you are each other's one and only? There's another option: enter the exciting world of the swinger lifestyle.

To know if this lifestyle has potential for you as a couple, there are many personal considerations, but there are two important ones that should come first and foremost:

  1. You can both disconnect emotional monogamy from sexual monogamy.
  2. You are both secure enough in your relationship and yourselves to allow your significant other to explore and enjoy sexual interactions with others, while still feeling happy and safe.

What’s Key?

Now, as with any change in the dynamic of a relationship, communication is absolute key and is even more important when you are open-minded and wish to embrace the swinger's lifestyle. Sometimes, this step doesn't come into play until much later in a relationship, but being great communicators from the get-go and being sensitive to each other's wishes and wants are numero uno.

That’s all? Not quite; it’s mega important to play well with others, and there are things you need to discuss like jealousy, a safe word when one of you is no longer comfortable in a sexual situation or even before that comes into play, etc. Taking one for the team is worth the talk, and think about how far you are willing to go at first and how to respect each other's wishes. Once you've tackled all that, it may indeed be time to act on your fantasies together and play!

Balls Deep or a Toe Dip?

What many outsiders don't realize is that the swinger's lifestyle actually has many levels to it — from super soft to absolutely hardcore. Most couples do start out slowly, maybe with just flirting, watching, kissing, and touching until they're comfortable enough to take it to the next level. Some progress to full swap swinging, where others choose to stay somewhere in between. Local parties are a great starting point. Traveling to international swinger events also provide a low-threshold experience where you can take it as far as you both are comfortable.

So, is it time to play? If you both nodded with a resounding yes, then it sure is time to dip your toes in the water and start connecting with others through SDC, which stands for Seek yourself, Discover together, and Create moments!

I highly recommend it.

The Travelling Goddess

The Travelling Goddess

Years ago, I was stung by the Wanderlust (the first documented use of the word occurred in 1902 and no, it wasn't me) bug. Wanderlust has different meanings in Etymology, Sociology and Psychology. 1. ""seeking unity with nature"" 2. ""strong desire to travel"" 3. ""an intense urge"" to experience the unknown, confronting the unforeseen to touch upon the unfamiliar. Guilty as charged, since this sexy trinity describes me to the T with a resounding yes, yes and yes! Desire, Lust and Travel is an intoxicating combination indeed! I travel a lot within the most beautiful of Lifestyle circles. A world shrouded in mystery and seduction and for those in it, mostly a hidden part of their public lives. How delicious, it's like going through life with an aroused mind lingering on the times you can shed your power woman office outfit for a sexy mask and irresistible lingerie. Much like an inserted sex toy that is being controlled by your partner at will, yet no one's the wiser. It's all part of the immense attraction to lifestyle circles which are growing explosively, so when you read my bits, reader discretion is advised...or not!
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