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Sex and the Stars

Does someone's zodiac sign influence their behavior in the bedroom? We put it to the test during Sexy Zodiac Theme Night on one of our recent SDC Lifestyle Cruises.

Does someone's zodiac sign influence their behavior in the bedroom? We put it to the test during Sexy Zodiac Theme Night on one of our recent SDC Lifestyle Cruises.

What's in a Sign?

Deep down and unquestionably, every one of us in the lifestyle loves to switch things up between the sheets. Not to say sheets are needed, persé, as there are many other options! It's safe to state that when finding and clicking with other couples and singles, sexual chemistry is a pretty important part, especially when it comes to sealing the deal with other like-minded souls out there.

“What’s your zodiac sign?” may not be the very first question that comes to mind when you chat up that sexy couple that caught your eye. Now, a quick search shows that, according to many articles written on this very subject, horoscope signs play a huge role in whatever someone’s bedroom habits are. You can find out which signs are the hottest lovers, kinkiest lovers, fiery/passionate in the sack, dirty talkers, role-playing gurus, experimental moguls open to whatever kinky fantasy you have on your mind, and which sign plays best with which, plus everything in between.

Those descriptions — which, by the way, are totally entertaining to read — are as diverse as the resources when trying to adopt a standard consensus on the different signs and their sexual traits, appetites, or lack thereof. We know that there are those that obsess about horoscopes and are wishing to find out what kind of nookie their potential partners are into so, yes, sexual astrology can influence the commonly-accepted ideas on sexual compatibility and, as a result, your chances of hooking up increase or diminish accordingly. Even our own site includes the mention of horoscope signs on our member profiles.

Putting it to the test

Now, how exactly do the common ideas about zodiac signs’ sexual prowesses affect swingers in particular? We decided to put it to the test with a good-sized group of ultra-sexy travelers on our most recent SDC Lifestyle Cruise and gave one night a Sexy Zodiac Theme. We thought that would make for some interesting insights into all this cosmic matter.

A handy guide with ‘best zodiac bed matches according to popular beliefs’ was given to participating guests, and they got their very own zodiac cards to hang on their cabin doors. The playroom was decked out full-on zodiac style, featuring all the signs and a starry night theme, and the night was on!

So, what's the scoop?

Drum roll, please...! Well, first — and this was a bit of an eyeopener — not many were actually interested in sticking their zodiac sign on their cabin doors. Maybe they couldn't be bothered with it, or maybe there was a threshold on the impact that might have on the chances of awesome sex with others that very evening? Who knows? Then we ran a query on how all the signs were represented with us on board, fully expecting some of the commonly-assumed more sexually active signs to be among us in much larger numbers. Lo and behold, we found that ALL the signs were just about equally represented for both males and females alike!

Conclusion reached!

The playroom was jam-packed throughout the evening and ‘til deep into the night. In short, we concluded that the zodiac signs don't come into play as much when it comes to hooking up as we first thought. It’s safe to say, though, that this theme night rocked the boat and the players on board scored big time with zodiacal sex! 'Nuff said!


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