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New Year, New Branding! But Always Sex Positive

SDC Sex Positive Me Angelique John Luna
SDC Sex Positive Me Angelique John Luna

John and Angelique Luna had a big 2019, but they're ushering in 2020 with a fresh brand and a year full of events and growth.


Living a Sex Positive Life Episode 90: 2019 In Closing

2019 was a roller coaster year for us. We started on the mend when Angelique had neck surgery. However, we ended the year with a blast, with FIRE, Sex Down South, Florida Power Exchange, and presenting two workshops on a Bliss Cruise. John started hormone therapy and spent some time in South Florida for Pig Week.

For 2020, we’re rebranding to “Sex Positive Me,” but don’t worry, we’re still going bring you interviews from the swinger, fetish, BDSM, and sex-positive worlds. We already planned out an entire year of workshops and presentations, and we hope to see you there. Click on the links in our author bio below to find us around the web with details about our eventful new year!

Listen to Episode 90 in the player above to find out what’s in store for the Lunas in 2020.

Sex Positive Me

On Sex Positive Me, we explore all aspects of sex and relationships, ranging from Fetishes and BDSM to Ethical Non-monogamy and LGBTQ issues. Sex Positive Me destigmatizes sexual practices and relationships while reconciling reality with myths & misconceptions. Our goal is to educate, entertain and be advocates of sexual freedom. Our Services include: Podcasting, Workshops, Webinars, Tantra, and Sex & Relationship Coaching
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