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Unlearning Sex

SDC Sex Positive Me John Angelique Luna Zana Thirus Unlearning Sex Documentary
SDC Sex Positive Me John Angelique Luna Zana Thirus Unlearning Sex Documentary
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Angelique and John Luna invite Zanah Thirus to the podcast to discuss her Unlearning Sex documentary about healing through sexual trauma therapy.

Sex Positive Me Podcast Episode 97

Unlearning Sex is a feature documentary film that follows Zanah’s six-month journey through sexual trauma therapy and healing. In addition to audio clips from therapy, this film features interviews from trauma therapists, sex educators, and activists. Zanah’s goal with this film is for people to learn about sexual assault, trauma, and sex education, while watching someone heal in real time. In our conversation with Zanah, she opened up about the making of this film and how it changed her life.

Unlearning Sex Trailer: https://www.zanahthirus.com/unlearningsexdoc

About the Guest

Zanah Thirus, MS
Producer + Director
Zanah Thirus Productions, LLC
W: www.zanahthirus.com
E: zanahthirus@gmail.com

Zanah is an actress, producer, writer, and director from Chicago IL. After being homeschooled until she was fifteen years old, she began her college career. Her love for filmmaking sparked after years of acting in a drama team, and various independent films. She received her master’s degree in cinema production from DePaul University at the age of twenty-two and began her career in independent filmmaking and content production in 2015.

In 2016, Zanah won Best Female Director for her short film “Hourglass” at the Cineplay Film Awards. Her festival credits as a filmmaker include Official Selection – Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (2016), Best Student Documentary – London Independent Film Awards (2017), Semi-Finalist at The German United Film Festival (2018), and Finalist at Cinema Los Angeles Film Festival (2018). In addition to her international credits, five of her films are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Since launching her brand, Zanah Thirus Productions LLC, Zanah has shifted her focus to merging arts and activism through documentary and narrative storytelling. Her films surround subjects such as gender, race, politics, and mental health. In 2019, her feature documentary – Black Feminist – was an official selection at the Bronze Lens Festival of Atlanta. That same year- her short film, Demons, was also nominated for Best Short Film at the Content Creators of Atlanta Awards. Shortly after her most decorated year, Zanah was named one of Diversity in Cannes Top 10 Filmmakers of the Decade.