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3 Ways To Seduce Your Woman

Confidence may be key to seducing your lover, but you can also pick up a few tips and tricks along the way to keep her coming back for more.



SDC Crete Getaway

SDC on Crete Erotic Escapade – Island of Crete, Greece A...

Introducing Laidar

Introducing Laidar It is exactly what it sounds like....it's radar...

SDC Erotic Cruise to Cuba

4 – 11 Dec 2018 (8 Days / 7 Nights)...


A Few Things to Learn about the BDSM Community

Those within the BDSM community have numerous strengths and take their craft very seriously.

The Art of Sensual Impact Play: From Consent to After Care

If you're looking to explore the more sensual side of BDSM and learn how you can get out your own kinks, listen to this podcast with King Heff, a sexual enhancement product specialist from Charlotte, North Carolina, also known as the creator of Pink Heffs and Black Heffs and an expert in the art of sensual impact play.