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My HOTWife!

When your lifestyle experience suddenly changes... for the better.

Our first dip into the swinging pool was in fact an encounter with a single guy.

Brenna fucked a potential stand-in for Bradley Cooper, it was an amazing experience! I was listening, and to a lesser degree watching, from an adjacent room, and I could not imagine anything more intense. Subsequently, the following two encounters would also be single playmates for Brenna: We dove in headfirst from the beginning. While we had various experiences involving both singles and couples with varying degrees of success, we had up until two days ago never been apart during a play session.

Our First HotWife Experience

The bar has been raised in the form of Brenna having her first solo HotWife experience. We decided after meeting the man (who at this moment is the front runner for Brenna's regular FWB) that she would have the opportunity to enjoy his company in the privacy of his home sans my presence. Now, let me ease your minds a bit: Yes, I met this gentleman and fully vetted him over drinks and an evening at his home. The first time Brenna fucked him I was there only to listen and experience the sensation of being further away from the action. This stimulation was the prelude to what would eventually lend itself to the single most erotic experience of my very experienced life!

We discussed the idea of Brenna scratching her HotWife itch over the course of a week after her initial encounter with her new friend. I, of course, already coming to terms with the concept of sharing the woman I love with other men was more than eager to make this fantasy a reality.

Setting the Plan in Motion

The new man in the picture is tall, athletic and handsome; Brenna is, to say the least, very attracted to him. The idea that her new friend is totally her type made this arrangement all the more desirable for both of us. After all, who wants their partner fucking an ugly guy?

The stage was set, Brenna would come home from work on this day, change her clothes and put a bag together. The bag I refer to would, of course contain sexy lingerie as well as various toys (well what did you expect?). We would decide on a time for her to return home, and had a plan for Brenna to text me when she was leaving her playmate's house so that I knew she was safe and I could prepare for her arrival. By prepare, I mean wait in bed for her with a raging hard-on at the thought of what must have been going on between them in my absence!

Brenna the Badass

Now I must tell you, not only was I thinking about all the sucking and fucking that was most certainly taking place between my lady and her new stud, but I was overwhelmed with the idea that Brenna is a true badass.

Think about it for a moment: What is hotter than a woman who is confident enough and powerful enough to live out such a fantasy? How empowered must she feel to be out on a playdate with a man, while her significant other patiently and eagerly waits for her at home? So sexy, right?

The truth is, I am in complete adoration of Brenna, her strength and confidence are nothing short of impressive. A HotWife, a woman who is capable of unwavering trust, commitment, and love for her partner, and just happens to enjoy the opportunities her relationship affords her to fuck anyone she chooses! And I love everything about it!

Front Porch Swingers

We are Brian and Brenna, hosts of a weekly swinger and hotwife podcast called Front Porch Swingers! Through our podcast, we have been offered opportunities to connect with lifestylers from around the world, understanding non-monogamy and all its facets on a deeper level. Now, we're taking the show on the road! We're currently traveling throughout Florida, both to explore deeper our non-monogamous lives, as well as to enjoy the beautiful beaches Florida has to offer. If you see we will be in your town and are interested in meeting, don't hesitate to reach out! On a more personal note, we are open to many different variations of swinging, including same room, separate room, separate dates (Brenna loves a good threesome), and more! Very versatile and willing to go with the flow based on the interests of others. Aside from the podcast, we are sexually adventurous people who love to connect with others via sex. We won't get naked unless there is chemistry, so the random hookups usually aren't our thing. We prefer separate play, either with couples in separate rooms or with singles. That being said, that damn elusive 4-way connection is certainly not off the table for us. We love to travel, hike, go to live music shows, go to the beach, cook, and camp, and we'd love to connect with people who share some of those interests.
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Jul 28, 2021
Well what happened?? You can’t just leave us hanging like that!