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SDC: How to Find Friends & Connect

sexy ladies head to head SDC friends connections
sexy ladies head to head SDC friends connections
Just like with any social network or online community, it's exciting to have and make new friends on SDC.

If you are new to SDC and have no friends yet, here's an overview of how you can start connecting with like-minded others. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, so relax, browse around, and you'll be a pro at this in no time. Let's start!

How to Make New Friends

In the left navigation bar, your best pals are in Explore and Connect. When you click on these, a menu opens for you to pick and choose from to help you navigate the site.

It's easy to look up potential friends on SDC and establish a connection.
Simply follow these steps:
1. Go to Explore
3. Click on Search
4. Give in a login name or a keyword and click SEARCH or
5. Check off all that applies
6. Click on SEARCH on the bottom of the page

Send Friend Requests:
When you find a profile you wish to befriend; you can send the profile a friend request as follows:
1. Click on the profile picture
2. Click on Friends in the right navigation bar under CONTACT

Note: When you click this: Friends will change to Request pending.
The profile you wish to befriend will now receive an email with the option to either accept or decline your request.

Receiving Friend Requests:
If you already have friends that are part of the SDC community or have a nice profile, you'll receive Friend Requests.

To accept friend requests, follow these steps:
1. Go to your inbox
2. Click on the friend request email in your inbox
3. Click on Yes or No in the message; you can also View their friends list

Note: when you decline a friend request, the inviting profile does not receive a message that you declined.

Friend Matches:
You are not in it alone! SDC helps you find friends for you by matching your profile specifics with those on other profiles. When you have a match in what you are both are and are interested in, you'll receive a 'You have a Match' mail from SDC in your mailbox with the suggestion to check out who your matches are and connect.

Important: Adding a Second Location, posting your Travel Plans, adding yourselves to Groups and Guest Lists, plus participating in Chat Rooms and use of the Messenger and Group Messenger Chat and Speed Dating are all handy tools to help you find new friends and get you on the road to successful swinging.

Stay Connected with Friends

Find your Friends:
If you already have some friends, to find them, follow these steps:
1. Click on Contacts
2. Click on Options (upper right corner on your screen)
3. Click on Friends

Remember Profiles:
When you wish to save a profile for future consideration, the Remember tool is awesome. If you wish to remember a profile, follow these steps:
1. Go to Explore
2. Go to Search
3. Click on profile of choice
4. Click on Remember (under the CONTACT section on the right)
The button changes to Remembered.

How to find your Remembered/Viewed Profiles:
When you want to revisit the profiles you have viewed and remembered, follow these steps:
1. Go to Connect
2. Click on Viewed Me
3. Click on Options in the upper right corner
4. Click on Remembered or Who I viewed
5. Click on OK

Deleting Friends

If you wish to unfriend a profile:
1. Go to Explore
2. Click on Search
3. Enter Profile Name
4. Click on the Profile picture
5. A pop-up asks whether you wish to remove this profile from your friends list, press OK