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The Pitfalls of Third-Party Sellers

If you decide to book your well-deserved vacation through a middleman, keep these important considerations in mind.

When you are getting ready to book your lifestyle getaway, do you usually book directly with the organizer or do you go through a middleman also knowns as a third party? Does that matter? From experience, we can give that answer: a wholehearted YES!

When you book your well-deserved vacation through third parties, read on for some important considerations to prevent you from falling victim to any potential pitfalls.

In the Mix

If a particular lifestyle trip is offered through a multitude of websites, you can be sure that not only people of all levels in the swinger's lifestyle will be on board. You can count on many others joining. Usually, that means mainly nudists, and that can put you in some awkward situations, to say the least. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with nudists, etc. but it definitely makes for a different group altogether. And it doesn't mix well.

Age Range

What is the average age range? Considering the cost involved lifestyle travel attract well-established couples with an age range from 25 – 65, with the most being between 35 – 55. Now, a trip offered by third parties definitely will up the age range by 20 years or more on the top end. Why? They dip into their entire client base to sell, sell, sell, and are not that worried about your ultimate vacation experience.


Lifestyle entertainment is per definition risqué in a sensual way. We have heard the horror stories of either lukewarm entertainment to cater to a mixed crowd or a mutiny on the bounty for stuff being way too sexy. Lovely. What games are going to be played at the pool party? Shuffleboard is not sexy! If the crowd is mixed in with other lifestyles, the theme nights are not going to be great either, because: 1. those organizers take the crowd into consideration, so count on lukewarm themes, and 2. dressing up sexy hot is not for everyone, then, and that affects the party vibe, and not in a good way.

It's no secret — it's hard to please everyone when it comes to musical tastes. DJs that truly understand what moves the lifestyle crowd are far and few! With other crowds in the mix that will be even harder to simply impossible.

An Extra Person

Some organizers don't allow for a third person, i.e., an extra female in the room or cabin. Some accommodations are, of course, not suitable, but some are, and so even though it will cost you extra, it's a fantasy of many. Make sure to check with the organizers of your choice if that is a possibility and, if not, it's one fantasy that will be unfulfilled.

For Your Eyes Only

When you book directly with an organizer, if all is well, you should be able to ask questions at any time by phone, chat messenger, email, or through their site. The organizer is usually really invested in informing their guests of the latest and will reach out to you on numerous occasions leading up to the event. Now, if you book through a middleman, you run the chance of getting wrong information, incomplete information, untimely or perhaps too late or — even worse — not getting any information at all.

We know that some third-party sellers actually use the questionable practice of creating a fake email address for your reservation leading directly back to them in order to catch any information, including sensitive information coming straight from the organizing company that was actually meant for your eyes only. This could include information that could give them access to your private onboard account with a cruise company that has all your personal and credit card information. Buyer beware!


Can you read real reviews of events on a third-party site? Most likely not. If you are looking at booking a cruise, for instance, make sure you can read some reviews of the exact product they're trying to sell. Hint: not all cruises or resort events are created equal and out of the same cloth, even if it's on the same cruise ship or same venue.

Follow the Money

It's important to know where your hard-earned money is going to really. If your payment is going to another company, how can you guarantee you'll see your money back in case you need to cancel? If the third party takes your money and then closes shop, that's not unheard of in today's world, how do you get your money back? How can you make sure your room or cabin is actually booked and another step actually paid for? Are you allowed to contact the organizer directly if need be? What's in the small print? Even if you book directly with an organizer, yet your payment goes to a different company, would this give you pause? Here's a thought: it so should.


There is a lot to be said about service. We've all heard the stories. Just make sure the company that organizes your event of choice has the experience, is timely and responsive to your questions, and is easy to reach. Is there an FAQ you can browse? They must bring a team to the venue that is caring, professional, and friendly. There is nothing worse than being at an event where a team is present (if at all) yet look like they wish they were somewhere else, or are so busy entertaining themselves because they are focused on playing themselves or actually had to pay to be there, that there is no attention to you. Tough titty!

Getting in Touch

We're talking about getting in touch with other guests going before an event, in particular. You are going to have a particularly hard time doing this if you book through third-party sellers. Is there a guest list you can join, perhaps a dedicated community with a chatroom or group messenger so you can reach out and get to know others prior to your sexy vacation? It's so much better if you can see faces and already plan some hook-ups before it's time. There's so much good that comes with this kind of pre-event fun!

Self-Serving Practices

A real important one to keep in mind. Third-party sellers or self-proclaimed lifestyle travel agencies are in it to win it. In other words, to make a commission. They will gladly steer you away from a resort vacation or cruise that is absolutely stellar, but they can't make commission because they can't sell it. You'll know what's up if they contact you if you have booked a trip already and try to persuade you to change to something else. Do they really care that you have to pony up the cancellation fee or pay for a more expensive event that may not deliver what you hope for?

All you have to do is to remember that no matter how much they shout it off the rooftop, for them it's not about you, it's about their bottom line. You'll spot them going around at any event trying to sell to anyone the next "best thing ever" while tooting their own horn loudly on how fabulous their service is! Is it really, though? And come to think of it: a call to them for secondhand information is better than a direct call to those actually organizing your vacation? You answer that one.

In Conclusion

Above points are some of the reasons why SDC makes it a point NOT to sell through third parties, just like Apple, experience has made us wise. With our convenient online booking, it’s direct and easy. The team is ready and dedicated to answering any questions you may have, seven days a week. The team that organizes your trip is also the team you see once you get to your destination. Any special request you may have, any special need and they'll go out of their way to try and make it happen for you. Our concept of service is at the highest standards in the industry, and with the largest lifestyle community in the world, the multitude of perks that come with your booking are all yours to enjoy!

Check out our travel pages at and get excited about your next sexy vacation with us!

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