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Swinging 101 Miniseries — Exclusively on!

Swinging 101 Miniseries Lexi Sylver SDC Livestream
Swinging 101 Miniseries Lexi Sylver SDC Livestream
Swingers, get set for swinging success with tips and tricks about swinging and the swinger lifestyle, for newbies and experienced swingers alike.

It is my absolute pleasure to be hosting a new miniseries on SDC: Swinging 101!

In case you didn't already know, is the largest lifestyle dating site and app tailored to open-minded couples and individuals, with millions of members around the world.⁠ Not only have they fostered enticing connections, but often show couples the ropes to exploring their new, non-monogamous lifestyle. So it's an honor to share with all of you on this incredible platform.

My role is to give those of you interested in swinging and the non-monogamous lifestyle the education you need to explore. From communication, consent, and enjoying the company of other couples and kinksters — my Swinging 101 miniseries with will set you up for swinging success!

Watch Swinging 101 Free — Exclusively for SDC Members!

These one-hour episodes will be livestreamed exclusively on, and is free for all SDC members, and open to couples and singles of all genders!

So if you're not already a member, what are you waiting for?! Getting access to all Members-Only SDC livestreams and exclusive content is just one of many perks that SDC members enjoy!

Get Interactive: Ask Questions About Swinging and More

Each event also include a Q&A Session, so you can ask me ANYTHING you want about swinging, relationships, sex and more.

I'll be the only one on camera, but you can chat with me and other guests during the show.

Swinging 101 Series Premiere: Newbies Tips and Tricks

Join me and the SDC community for the premiere of Swinging 101 on January 30, 2021 at 8 PM ET.


The first topic we'll be exploring is "Newbies Tips & Tricks!"


Lexi Sylver Swinging 101 Webinar Series


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Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates, times, and topics — you don't want to miss this Lexual experience!

If you miss an episode, the video will be recorded and will be available on

See you soon!

Until then, stay Lexual, folx!


Lexi Sylver

Lexi Sylver is the Montreal-based erotica author of Mating Season and All the Queen’s Men. She enjoys having a kinky and unconventional lifestyle and sharing her stories and experiences with others. As an entrepreneur, podcaster, advocate, educator, public speaker and coach for consensual non-monogamy and the swinging lifestyle, she regularly contributes articles about sexuality and relationships to Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, ASN Lifestyle Magazine, and her personal blog. Her mission is to promote empowerment and education by guiding you to shamelessly explore your Lexuality. Find out more at
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