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The Naked Cleaners: Buffing in the Buff

Maddy V     
A cleaning service with a naked twist...

Recently, The Daily Mail published an article about a 25-year-old mother who is paid to scrub men's houses completely naked, except for rubber gloves.

Cleaning on a Whole Other Level

Emily, who is currently on maternity leave, found her lucrative new career, where she is paid about $55 per hour, after a tip from a friend. He told her about the possibility of cleaning houses completely in the nude.

A quick search online and Emily found the company Naturist Cleaners, which employs almost 80 male and female staff across the U.K.

But What Does Hubby Think?

Emily's husband hesitated when his wife first told him about her new job, but when he found that it had nothing to do with sex, he gave in.

“My customers are forbidden from making any advances at all. Most of them are naturist and I do feel comfortable with nudity, so being naked doesn't faze me at all,” Emily says in The Daily Mail.

Body Image Issues Be Damned

That a perfect body is not necessary to be a naked cleaner is something Emily confirms: “I am on maternity leave and my body still shows stretch marks and I haven’t lost all my extra kilos yet. This job fits in really well round my daughter, and besides that, it is a well-paid job.”

Feel Free and Clean

The cleaning firm's company director Laura Smith started out with a "normal" cleaning company, but after a request to come and clean in the nude, Laura turned her business into Naturist Cleaners, and offers services to both male and female clients, as well as employing both male and female cleaners.

Smith says, “Especially these days, when there is a full market of naughty adult services out there, we want to send out the right message. We want people to understand this is not sexual -- we do not do anything other than just professional cleaning. There has to be mutual respect.”

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Maddy V

Dutch journalist and editor. Specialized in writing articles about sex, health and relationships.
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