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Oral On Screen: 5 of Our Favorite Scenes

SDC Lorals Latex Panties Vaginal Pleasure Products Oral Sex Cinematic Scenes
SDC Lorals Latex Panties Vaginal Pleasure Products Oral Sex Cinematic Scenes
A round-up of our picks for some of cinema’s best oral sex scenes

It’s no secret that women aren’t getting enough oral sex, either on-screen or off. In celebration of more oral all around, here are our picks for some of cinema’s best oral sex scenes. (And if reading this list gets you in the mood, don’t forget to hop by the Lorals shop to level up your oral experience — see our links in our bio below this article).

American Pie

A less obvious choice, but a bit of a bold scene when you think about it. When American Pie was released in 1999, there definitely weren’t too many instances of seeing female pleasure on screen, but we were excited to see the primarily guy-focused lens of this teen sex comedy shift to a young man’s exploration of providing pleasure to his girlfriend. The non-exploitive camera angle focusing on the otherwise clothed Tara Reid’s reaction was icing on the cake. Two consenting folks deriving pleasure from each other? Always sexy, even when mined for comedy.

Blue Valentine

Possibly one of the most tragic movies about relationships ever, somehow Blue Valentine still managed to knock our socks off with a steamy romp between its two stars. Perhaps that’s what makes it so impactful. While the movie leaves us rethinking relationships as a whole, this scene would make anyone want to pick up their phone and shoot out a “You out?” text to their favorite honey.

A History of Violence

For whatever reason, a lot of dark films happen to have scenes of female pleasure. From Monster’s Ball to Gone Girl, and our next pick, A History of Violence, perhaps it’s that these films are doubling down with whatever ratings case they might have to make to the MPAA. Or perhaps, when focused on the grittier side of life, they’re ready to get a little more real with it. Either way, while these movies might not be all sunshine and rainbows for any of the featured lovers, the scenes themselves can be pretty hot. Like the first one from A History of Violence, which features a husband and wife trying to rekindle their love life through some cheerleader roleplay and 69-ing.

Blue is the Warmest Color

What’s with all of the Blue movies having the steamiest oral scenes? This French romance film has a lengthy and extended scene between its two main actresses. While reception to the film and reaction to the scene have been mixed, there’s no doubt that this movie goes boldly where few dare to go.

Away We Go

While it’s not the hottest scene in all of cinema history, this one is special for its awkward realness. The film opens with John Krasinski going down on his wife, played by Maya Rudolph. He’s under the covers, still in his socks, knocking around furniture while she receives. It’s a charming opener, and let’s face it. Most of us probably look more like these two when getting down than anyone else on this list.

Girls Trip

So maybe no actual human partner is involved. But this scene featuring a grapefruit and banana is definitely one of the most memorable oral sex moments in all of cinema. For about a full minute, Haddish’s character Dina keeps it juicy as she demonstrates her no-fail technique for oral satisfaction. The performance is hall-of-fame status. May we all give and receive with as much enthusiasm.


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