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The Definitive Guide to Using Lorals

SDC Lorals Oral Sex Latex Underwear Panties
SDC Lorals Oral Sex Latex Underwear Panties
From their mouths to yours, Lorals shares absolutely everything you need to know about using their innovative latex panties.

Like any new product on the market, we get a lot of questions about Lorals: how they work, how to use them, etc. We know it can be hard to try something new without a full run-down first! To answer your questions, we’re taking you through every step of the Lorals journey – from arrival day to yummy partner play. Here is absolutely everything you need to know about getting your pleasure using Lorals.

1. Open + Unfold

First thing’s first: if you’re worried about the mailman knowing all your business, let us put your mind at ease. Your Lorals will arrive at your door in a super discreet padded envelope. Inside is your pretty little box of Lorals, wrapped up like a birthday present to yourself. Open up the box to find four individually-packaged Lorals panties, folded up in pristine Marie Kondo fashion. The material is so thin (10x thinner than a condom, OK bragggging) that it may take you a second to unfold the front from the back. Just take another stab at separating the sides and imagine feeling every little thing through the super thin layer.

SDC Lorals Oral Sex Latex Panties

2. Pull ‘Em On

Ok, there is basically no wrong way to wear your Lorals. Usually, people put them on with the silky side out, so try that first and see how it looks and feels. You can also absolutely wear them shiny side out instead, for an extra-kinky wet look!

Lorals come in two styles that you’ll choose from when ordering: Bikinis and Shorties. The material is really flexible, so you can get the exact coverage and style you want. For your Shortie, you can pull the front up high for a little extra coverage around the tummy. Or you can fold the top over for that cool low rise Britney Spears look. If you opt for the Bikini, you can pull the sides high for that '80s style, or let them lay at your hips. Either style can cover most of your bootie, or can be pulled in for a little thong action. Bonus: the thong gives your partner maximum back-end access! ;)

SDC Lorals Oral Sex Latex Panties

3. Get A Feel

Once you’ve got your Lorals on, just spend a minute taking it all in. At first it might feel like you’re wearing nothing at all! But then touch your body and notice how much sensation you get. Also, think about how Lorals feel against your clitoris. Notice a little bit of a taut pull? We love that nice firm sensation; it’s a nice turn-on even before the action starts! See how you feel and consider whether you want to add a small amount of water-based lube between your Lorals and your body (especially if you’re prepping for some rimming action).

SDC Lorals Oral Sex Latex Panties

4. Partner Play

Some people like to do a sexy reveal or striptease with their Lorals before oral with their partner. Other people pull them on quickly under the covers right as things heat up. It’s completely up to you. One thing’s for sure: Lorals are meant to add to your experience with your partner, not hinder it. Your partner can nestle Lorals as close to your body as possible so their tongue can easily navigate around your curves. They taste like vanilla, so the experience should be amazing for both of you. Most oral techniques work great with Lorals.

SDC Lorals Oral Sex Latex Panties

5. Try Something New

Beyond typical techniques, Lorals can also be a fun way to expand your oral repertoire! Here are a few ways to add new dimensions to your regularly scheduled sexual programming:

  • Suck the clit in and out of your mouth like a cherry – Lorals allow you to do this more rapidly than you might be able to otherwise, and it feels completely amazing.
  • Nibble through Lorals on parts of the labia or clit – it’s a similar sensation to nibbling on nipples through a bra!
  • Sit on your partner’s face! The firmness of Lorals against your clit feels amazing.
  • Add a finger! Lorals are stretchy enough for tongue AND finger penetration, and the added sensation of exploring fingers feels great when your body is being licked.
  • Try rimming! There’s a reason people like rimming: there are sooo many nerve endings down there that it can be a super pleasurable experience. But a lot of us have hang ups about trying it out, because, well, poop. (Guilty!) Lorals gives you the ability to try rimming without worrying about the potential mess that comes with baring it all.
  • Lick up and down from the anus to the clit and back, over and over again. This feels so good but it’s hard to do with skin-to-skin contact, because you might get worried about transferring anal bacteria to the vagina. Lorals opens up the possibility for new moves like this, and trust us when we say this electrifying licking action is a must-try.

SDC Lorals Oral Sex Latex Panties

6. Take ‘Em Off

Lorals are single-use, so just pull them off whenever you’re done and throw them out! You can also have fun and rip through the material – how often do you get to rip off your panties? That’s a major fantasy of ours, but if we did it with our regular underwear we would have to go commando most days. 
That’s it! OK, did we go into a liiiiiittle more detail than you were expecting? What can we say, we’re maximalists. But now you know every single thing you need to know about the Lorals experience, and hopefully you’re ready to try them out for yourself! Cheers, pleasure seekers!


Lorals are silky latex panties designed to maximize sensations and minimize worries. They’re worn while receiving oral sex when someone is really interested in receiving pleasure, but something extraneous is holding them back. Maybe it’s their partner’s scratchy beard, or they’re on their period, or they’re interested in rimming and worried about poop, or if being fully exposed during oral feels triggering. Lorals look like beautiful lingerie, and they're ultra-thin and stretchy so that you can feel all of the sensations.
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