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Travel FAQs: Common Queries for Lifestyle Jetsetters


I couldn’t make it to the event, do I get my money back?

No, no-shows do not warrant a refund. For those not arriving on the first day and without a message to SDC, the room flows automatically back into our inventory at midnight and may no longer be available to you.

When a family member or I get sick or get into an accident or any other emergency situation occurs before or during the event, do I get a full refund?

Please check the cancellation policy before you book, we strictly adhere to it. We are happy to assist with any claim for your travel insurance.

I have booked, but am having second thoughts, do I get a refund?

Please check the cancellation policy, there is a moment where you get a full-refund minus penalty.

I am a good client, can you give me a refund when I ask for it plus waive the penalty?

All clients are per definition good clients, in order to keep it fair to all so the cancellation policy applies to all.

I have cancelled, how do I get my money back?

When you cancel within the refund period, a check will be sent. This process can take up to 15 days. Alternatively you may request a bank transfer, but the cost for this will be at your expense and deducted from the total.

Can I gift or sell my reservation to another couple if I can’t make it?

Gifting or selling existing reservations is not allowed. Full name changes are considered cancellations and are handled as such. SDC reserves the right to deny entry for any person not on the confirmed guest list, SDC member or not.

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