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Travel FAQs: Common Queries for Lifestyle Jetsetters


What is included in the price?

Your cabin, taxes, fees, gratuities, all your meals, house wine and beer during lunch and dinner, coffee, tea, soda’s, water.

Do I tip on board?

All gratuities are already included in the price, but you may wish to tip for extraordinary service as you please.

Do I need a passport to go on board?

Yes, only with a valid passport you’ll be allowed on board. An identity card is not sufficient.

My passport is only valid for 4 months when I travel, is that okay?

No, your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after your return.

Are there drink packages available?

Yes, once on board, you can purchase drink packages.

Where and when can I book excursions?

A few months before departure day, those with confirmed reservations receive an email with their online registration information. After registration you can book excursions. You can also book excursions when on board.

What is the spoken language on board?

The program and spoken announcements are primarily in English, but we’ll have announcements in Spanish and the SDC team speaks Dutch, German, French and Spanish as well.

I need to get off the ship earlier, can I do that?

Most often yes, but you’ll need to indicate this ahead of time and this needs specific confirmation of the cruise company.

Can I book a hotel before or after the cruise through SDC?

No, you can make your own arrangements. We usually do suggest suitable hotels based on recommendations.

Can I smoke on board?

There is a dedicated spot at pool deck where you can smoke, all other spaces are prohibited.

What is the voltage on board?

The ship has both 110V and 220V in your staterooms

Is there a laundry facility on board?

Yes, it’s available 24/7

Are there stores on board?


I have a diet, can I be accommodated?

Yes, if you indicate on time to the cruise your dietary restrictions they are more than happy to see how they can accommodate your diet when possible.

Do I have to make reservations for dinner?

No, it’s open seating. There are 2 specialty restaurants that do require reservations and there is an extra charge per seat.

Is there a safety box in the cabin?


Can I be naked everywhere?

As with all events, the pool area is clothing optional as is the playroom. However, all other spaces require a proper cover-up.

A friend wants to visit me on board, is that possible?

No, due to strict cruise regulations, visitors cannot be allowed on board

Can I bring a third person for the cabin?

Some cabins do allow that space, but it will come at an extra cost and is subject to availability. The extra person cannot be a single male.

Is there a doctor on board?

Yes, if you need to visit, there will be a cost you have to pay on board, and you can claim this amount later with your insurance company.

I get seasick easily, what can I do about this?

The vessel has stabilizers that will prevent most motion, but if you do feel sick, they ship provides medication to help. Ginger is also good to bring as well as those patches and bracelets.

Can I drink the water from the faucets.

No, this water is good for showers and brushing your teeth, but not good for drinking. Bottles of water are included in the price.

I have a special occasion while on board, can you arrange something festive for me?

The team will do special shout outs, but if you need something special arranged in the cabin, this may come at a price. Best to let us know your wishes way in advance.

Can I bring a kettle or iron?

No, these items are prohibited for safety reasons. There is an iron and board in the laundry room.

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