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Travel FAQs: Common Queries for Lifestyle Jetsetters


Why are not all locations made known on the site?

Because of reasons of privacy, safety and contractual restrictions.

When do I find out the exact address of where an event takes place?

Those with a confirmed booking will find out approximately three months in advance.

Can I call you to discuss my booking?

Of course! You can call our offices from Mo – Fri 9:00 am to 4:30 pm EST at +1 919-600-7989

Can I email you about my booking?

Absolutely yes, our email is Inside the site look for profile TRAVEL. We respond to emails 7 days a week.

How do I change my email for my reservation?

If you have made a booking with us, you will need to contact us by phone or email as we need to ensure your new email address is assigned to your existing booking so you don’t miss out on any information about your vacation.

What is the age-range for your events?

Our couples range from about 25 – 65 years of age.

Are all events all-inclusive?

No, make sure to check that the event you are interested in is all-inclusive or not so you can take your budget into consideration.

When an event is all-inclusive, what does that mean?

It means that all your regular meals and drinks are included. Venues may charge additional for certain meal options or a la carte dining and brand alcoholic beverages.

When an event is not all-inclusive, what exactly am I paying for?

You are paying for the room (usually includes breakfast) and the lifestyle elements that SDC delivers.

Are taxes included in the pricing?

Yes, taxes are included in the pricing. However, many resorts charge a nominal amount per day for government-imposed resort taxes. Those you will have to pay directly to the resort upon arrival.

Can I bring alcohol to the venue to save money at the venue?

Most venues either prohibit this and/or may charge a steep corkage fee if you wish to enjoy outside bought bottles in the restaurant(s).

I have a place close by and am SDC member, can I attend the event without booking?

No, only guests with a confirmed booking are being allowed into the venue.

I have friends close-by the location, they are SDC members too, can I invite them into the event?

Unfortunately no, only guests with a confirmed booking are allowed to enter the venue.

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