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Travel FAQs: Common Queries for Lifestyle Jetsetters


Can I bring a third person?

Some hotel rooms do allow for a third person, but there is a charge and it is subject to availability. Furthermore, the third person cannot be a single male.

Can I book just a few days of an event?

No, these are full take-overs and  you can’t book a partial event.

Are single men allowed?

No, we only allow couples and single females to book our events.

Can I book as a single female?

Yes, please realize that the pricing is based on double occupancy and we don’t discount or charge-up for single occupancy.

I have booked online, what information can I expect to receive?

Closer to the event by email you will receive the theme nights and after that you will get any necessary specifics for the event.

Does the price include travel insurance?

No, we strongly advise to take a travel/cancellation insurance with your preferred provider to protect your investment.

Does SDC offer travel insurance?

No. If you are a US citizen, we can recommend TravelEx for a reliable service.

I need to book extra nights, can I do that with the hotel directly or through SDC?

It’s best to book your extra nights through SDC where possible as that enhances your chances of being able to stay in your room for the duration of your vacation

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