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The Infamous Death Grip Syndrome

Death Grip Syndrome Travelling Goddess SDC Penile Health
Death Grip Syndrome Travelling Goddess SDC Penile Health
Penile masturbation is great — until it isn't.

As I was reading all about the positive effects of male masturbation, I ended up in communities where terms like Death Grip, ED, PMO, MO, NOFAP, and Fapping are tossed around like candies in a bowl. Death Grip was sticking out like a sore thumb, so read on for more about that.

A "Death Grip" sounds rather grim, right? It does to me, and it sort of is. In essence, it is male masturbation gone overboard. Death Grip Syndrome, according to the Urban Dictionary, is: “a non-medical condition where a male who excessively masturbates develops callouses on the penis. The penis callouses begin to numb the penis head and causes the penis to become less sensitive to touch via genitals, mouth or hand.” Not all descriptions of Death Grip Syndrome mention the formation of callouses, but anyone can understand a certain desensitizing happening when guys jerk off vigorously, tight-gripped, the same way, all the time. There's nothing wrong with that, as I'm sure it’ll get that extra muscle tone in your preferred arm, but it could potentially bite you a bit in the butt later.

What are the known causes?

Everyone knows that most males have a natural urge to be sexually active (procreation). Yes, ladies, too, but this one is just about males. Apparently, the more sexually active men are, the hotter they become, and masturbation is a good way to cool down all that hotness. Aging, of course, affects body parts, including the penis. Even though penis sensitivity usually doesn’t become a factor before the ripe age of 65, it can definitely affect younger men as well.

According to an editorial dating back to 2002 by sex expert Dan Savage, the root cause of the problem starts when men masturbate the exact same way all the time or hold the penis in a death grip. This may result in a harder time reaching climax from more subtle sensations, like a vagina, buttocks, mouth, or touch of your partner. Other most common Death Grip Syndrome causes are going too fast, too forceful, and / or not using any form of lubrication.

What are the symptoms?

When you are having a difficult time achieving an orgasm with your partner because you experience:

1. Erection difficulty

Erectile dysfunction can be a thing when you have low testosterone, for instance, but if you have tested normal and have a hard time maintaining your erection, it’s a red flag.

2. No orgasm during sex

If you can only orgasm via your own handjob, you may be in for some downtime. A friend of mine was having a hard time (literally) with her husband just pounding into her for such a long time without him finishing that she had to ice her lady bits afterward. Ouch. It's safe to say that, in that case, lasting long doesn’t make you necessarily a stud in bed. It could very well be an indication of Death Grip Syndrome.

3. Unenjoyable sex

If you are not enjoying sex because it somehow can’t keep you aroused, a lack of sensation (not caused by the use of condoms) may play a part.

Easy Fixes

If you think you are affected by Death Grip Syndrome, it’s good to know that there’s hope, and, surely, you’ll want to know what you can do about it. Here’s what I found to get it working as good as new again:

1. Take your time: Set aside some alone time so you there’s no pressure to finish in a frenzy
2. Different techniques: Try different grips, get creative in replicating real sex
3. Loosen your grip: Using the Death Grip got you here in the first place, so be gentle to your penis
4. Allow arousal to mount: In other words, take a break for like a week: no sex, no porn, no masturbation, no touching — nothing!
5. Get a soft sex toy that mimics a vagina

Your penis and yourself will thank you, and you’ll be good to go when it comes to having sex with your significant other(s).


If you are wondering what all those abbreviations and terms at the top of this article stand for:

ED – Erectile Disfunction
PMO – Porn. Masturbation. Orgasm.
MO – Masturbation. Orgasm
NOFAP – An online community of members who practice avoiding all forms of artificial sexual stimulation
Fapping – the art of making love to yourself, i.e., masturbating

If you were like me and didn’t know, now you do!

Happy fapping out there,

The Travelling Goddess


The Travelling Goddess

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