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The Secret Playroom

One of the best-kept secrets in town for any lifestyle event organizer is — without a doubt — the playroom!

One of the best-kept secrets in town for any lifestyle event organizer is — without a doubt — the playroom! SDC caters to swingers and is, per definition, committed to providing our sexy players with an exquisite erotic hospitality area — aka the playroom. For those who have not traveled with SDC before and are looking to book your first experience soon, know that you are in for a treat!

The Secret of Success

At signature events, especially those like the cruises, SDC caters as much as possible to the sexy fantasy of it all, so those events will have a freshly decorated playroom each night in swing with the theme of the night! Without exception, the playrooms are carefully monitored by swingers for swingers who know just how to keep it clean, neat, and make sure the overall vibe is safe for all and stays in tune with proper playroom etiquette. More on that later.

Rien ne va Plus!

The SDC team puts a lot of thought, work, and care into the creation and execution of its playrooms, and it only makes sense that SDC likes to keep what is brought to the erotic table exclusive to SDC. Funny enough, the competition applies spy-like tactics to try and copy, so even though it's very tempting to want to embellish on what to expect in an SDC fuckalicious playroom, as far as looks, feel, and decorations are concerned, you'll just have to go see it for yourselves.

SDC's erotic play areas do evolve with each passing event and are continuously morphing into something even more spectacular, so the team is not worried about those without imagination of their own. Hence, as far as those go, rien ne va plus as that bet is a lose–loser situation to begin with.

Playroom Etiquette

It's all straightforward, really, for those who haven't been to one of SDC’s travel events yet; the number one thing is to treat the playroom as the wonderful, sacred space it is.

Getting down and dirty is absolutely what this area is all about, but please use provided towels and, when done, it’s common courtesy to put any used playroom accessories in the provided bins. Treat other couples like you yourselves wish to be treated. The playroom is neither a place to hang out for chatting, for sleeping, nor for zombielike staring at others at play! That’s just creepy and a far step away from accepted voyeurism. Anything else is pretty much a go, just make sure that whatever you do, you have your boundaries set together and make sure you get consent from all involved first and foremost for anything naughty, as that is absolutely key!

The Travelling Goddess

To see, experience, and enjoy a fuckalicious playroom for yourselves at one of SDC's travel events, click here!

The Travelling Goddess

Years ago, I was stung by the Wanderlust (the first documented use of the word occurred in 1902 and no, it wasn't me) bug. Wanderlust has different meanings in Etymology, Sociology and Psychology. 1. ""seeking unity with nature"" 2. ""strong desire to travel"" 3. ""an intense urge"" to experience the unknown, confronting the unforeseen to touch upon the unfamiliar. Guilty as charged, since this sexy trinity describes me to the T with a resounding yes, yes and yes! Desire, Lust and Travel is an intoxicating combination indeed! I travel a lot within the most beautiful of Lifestyle circles. A world shrouded in mystery and seduction and for those in it, mostly a hidden part of their public lives. How delicious, it's like going through life with an aroused mind lingering on the times you can shed your power woman office outfit for a sexy mask and irresistible lingerie. Much like an inserted sex toy that is being controlled by your partner at will, yet no one's the wiser. It's all part of the immense attraction to lifestyle circles which are growing explosively, so when you read my bits, reader discretion is advised...or not!
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