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Hotwifing Tip: Only Do What YOU Want to Do

It can be difficult for natural people-pleasers to be assertive and protect their boundaries, but it's especially important in consensual non-monogamy.

Authors of SeXXXperience Hotwife Taylor and Gabe are back to discuss Tip #2: Never Do Anything You Don’t Want to Do, No Matter What in this fun, informative video that enhances the written article from their ‘A DIY Guide to Hotwifing’ series.

This necessary piece of advice holds true with both swinging and hotwifing but is typically — and unfortunately — a lesson learned the hard way. Watch and learn from the hotwifing pros as they reveal exactly how they have used this next tip in their real-life hotwifing adventures.

  • Anonymous
Jun 11, 2021
Sounds like they have gone past many boundaries and learned more and more with each encounter. Better than having an issue arise and you do not have time to discuss the outcome. Learn as you go, so to speak.