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Safety First

SDC SeXXXperience Taylor Gabe Mann Hotwife Swinger Open Lifestyle
SDC SeXXXperience Taylor Gabe Mann Hotwife Swinger Open Lifestyle
I don’t care what kind of sex it is — it’s NEVER worth the risk.

Hello again, I‘m Hotwife Taylor! Thanks to all the hot, naughty, DIY Hotwives-in-Training (and your significant sexy other) for tuning in once again! I truly love sharing my experiences in hopes of possibly preventing you from making the mistakes I/we did, and also offer some practical advice to enhance your journey. Please enjoy Part 4 of 4 of my Hotwifing How-To Tip series; because it’s a sequence make sure to read Parts 1, 2, and 3 prior to reading Part 4.

My husband Gabe and I have so much more in store for you here on SDC, including videos about hotwifing gone wrong, what we call the ‘Little Things’ (read Chapter 4 of SeXXXperience™), and also a visualization series for all you horny Hotwife husbands, so keep checking back! For now, let’s focus on the third tip for your journey into a Hotwife Lifestyle.

Tip #3: Safety First

Establishing and staying committed to a safety plan is mandatory and non-negotiable.

However much of a buzz kill this may be, your safety is the most important thing, and I don’t care what kind of sex it is — it’s NEVER worth the risk. I probably should’ve included this as Hotwife How-To Tip 1, but I can’t stress how important safety is. You won’t find this advice in any fictional Hotwife fantasy book, and not on certain other swinger websites other than here on, either — it’s truly not sexy. Setting rules, expectations, and boundaries (one of our video series currently in the works!) are certainly crucial to success, but not having a plan for safety is plain stupid.

Before I leave on my date, Gabe and I develop a safety plan that puts some structure into what happens. There’s an agreed-upon location, length of date, activity, and I always bring my own condoms. My husband has also collected some personal information on the gentlemen such as: phone number, email, address, employer, selfie, background check, and social media. I let him suggest my attire and make sure I wear a piece or two of my Hotwife jewelry, like an anklet and earrings. Gabe likes putting my jewelry on for me, which I find so erotic. While I’m on a date, Gabe is fully aware of where I am at all times. When my date arrives, I send a text to Gabe to both 1) let Gabe know I’m safe, and 2) let my date know that someone knows where I am and that they are looking out for me should something happen. Your date should respect this, and, if they don’t, leave. May sound like a lot, but what if something tragic happened, like you were hurt, raped, kidnapped, or god forbid, killed? Not worth it. Especially since creating a safety plan is so easy. If I leave the location I’m at, I text. I text when I arrive to the next location. He likes when I text after I’ve finished having sex, and finally, after the gentlemen leaves. Gabe prefers to be near the location I’m at because if a problem occurs, he’s close. Being unsafe is ignorant. Together, you and your partner need to address what works best for you because if either of you feel as if you don’t have control, hotwifing won’t work.

Getting back to my story from Part 1 — Gabe and I had discussed at length how we thought our first Hotwife encounter was going to go down. One thing we forgot to acknowledge was Tip #3. Our plan sounded good in theory, though — I was going to pick up at random at the bar. Gabe dared me to flirt with an unsuspecting gentleman while he sat inconspicuously at the other end of the bar, then make an attempt to pick him up. Long story short, I hemmed and hawed over approaching anyone. Stage fright. There were slim pickens that night anyway, and I simply wasn’t feeling it. Surprisingly, though, I did try to flirt with some guy that, upon further examination, didn’t have many teeth. Needless to say, the night didn’t end the way we had intended, but we learned that that technique wasn’t our ‘jam’. It is extremely important to discuss your desires at length (and of course, safety) to find out what type of situation may be the best for you as a couple. We’d grow to learn that there are other ways to live out our Hotwife fantasies that were more conducive to our situation.

Eventually, we chose sex work as our own extremely unique (and profitable) version of it. Disclaimer: I do not suggest sex work as your preferred outlet unless you’ve had plenty of experience and understand all the possible consequences it may have on your relationship with each other and with others should they find out. That’s a whole different story, though, that we can’t wait to share with all of you to help envision what will be your very own, unique version of hotwifing!!!

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Thanks again for checking us out. We like to think that we’re simply the couple next door who are passionate about educating other couples on how to enhance their marriages. If you’re in search for more juicy content, have no fear — there’s obviously more to come! In the meantime, be sure to grab a copy of SeXXXperience. It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of it all, and reality can be a real downer. Especially if you don’t have your rules, boundaries, and expectations established. There’s nothing wrong with learning from experience, but our MO is to prevent you from making the same mistakes we did. Watch for more Hotwife tips, more SeXXXperiencepassages, and always, true-to-life stories from a real couple.

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