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The Great Alabaster Scrotum: A Lifestyle AMA

SDC Casual Swinger Podcast Mickey Gordon Mallory Alabaster Scrotum
SDC Casual Swinger Podcast Mickey Gordon Mallory Alabaster Scrotum

Mickey and Mallory's guest is so vanilla, so pale, so new, that they coined him the "Great Alabaster Scrotum," and it immediately stuck.

Mickey and Mallory talk about their first video date with another couple. They also invited their longtime, thoroughly vanilla friend they call "The Great Alabaster Scrotum," into the Casual Swinger studios to answer his blunt and deep questions on being in the lifestyle.

The Casual Swinger Podcast

My name is Mickey; And "Im Mallory," she says! We’re a not-so-average couple living a life far from ordinary. We’re not those folks who travel from place to place looking to score, nor do we "swing" every weekend…even if we want to! Like many of you, we have jobs, dogs & kids. We just love a lifestyle a little less traditional than most. Tune in to the Casual Swinger Podcast to hear more about our lives, our misadventures, or to just listen to two people who can’t seem to take life too seriously. We’ll share our journey through "the lifestyle" while exploring the world of alternative relationships. We dont know where this will all lead, but we guarantee its going to be a fun ride. Casually yours, Mickey & Mallory
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