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Openlove 101: How We Deal with Discrimination in Our Swinger's Lifestyle

Entering into the swinger's lifestyle is a bold decision to make, and can sometimes be seen in a negative light. So, John and Jackie are here to tackle the issue of discrimination against swingers.

A reader asked swinger experts and club owners, John and Jackie, if they've ever been discriminated against for their choice of boldly living the swinger lifestyle.

Their answer? YES!

And they are well aware that you may have been discriminated against, too.

It can be an unfortunate aspect of being openly swingers, but John and Jackie take this as an opportunity to educate others about the misconceptions, why it works for them, and the benefits they enjoy.

Watch the video to learn more.

Openlove 101

John and Jackie Melfi are swingers in an open relationship. Together they are the driving force behind, a swingers' club brand with locations in Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, and Austin. John has been in the swinger club industry for 20 years, and when he and Jackie met, they expanded the business in order to reach and educate more couples and singles curious about the lifestyle. Their first venture together was the award winning lifestyle blog, Today this swinging powerhouse coach couples on the lifestyle, provide video content, blog weekly on the topic and have been the recipients of numerous industry awards. Visit to sign up for their FREE newsletter and receive updates on their videos and articles.
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