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Conscious Living Show: 10 Keys for Men Seminar

Here's how the men's seminar went and what Dr. Nancy Sutton thought about it all.

There's a definite need to speak to men about how to conduct themselves with women and in society, and also how society and women need to interact with men. We are learning every day and all the time, and so are our children. Here's what Dr. Nancy Sutton had to say about the men's seminar that recently took place.

Breakdown of the Seminar for Men

  • What Women Want
  • Female Sexual Anatomy
  • The Pleasure Source
  • Penetration Requirements   
  • If Yonis Could Talk… and what they would say
  • Penetration vs. Penetrating: Why there is a difference

Communication through:

  • Words
  • Touch
  • Sound
  • Breath
  • Non-Verbals

How to get clarification

#MeToo and You

  • Your interpretation of the movement
  • Concerns and fears
  • Benefits
  • Ideas
  • What has shifted
  • What needs to shift for the next generation

Ideas for Change

Teaching Boys and Girls – It starts at home

Having the conversation with our children about everyday touch. Asking permission to hug, rub, kiss, wrestle, tickle, etc. It may seem silly, but not asking teaches them that their body is not their domain to be respected or honored even by those who love us. Unless it’s a health hazard not to touch them, honoring the yes equal to the no will create a cultural shift very quickly. 

  • Demonstrating this with each other as adults
  • Getting comfortable asking if a hug is desired makes asking if penetration is desired that much easier

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce - Clinical Sexologist

Hello, I'm Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce. I'm delighted to be a part of the SDC professional family. I've been in health care for over three decades and earned my Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality in 2015. Since then I've been traveling the world teaching and hosting retreats in places like China, Jamaica, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, as well as all across the USA. I was featured as The Sexologist on This Is Life with Lisa Ling in season 6, and have been featured in numerous publications, TV and Radio shows. I also hosted my own radio show for ten years called, The Conscious Living Show. My focus is empowering both women and men with regards to their own pleasures and intimacy literacy. Knowing what we want is one thing, knowing how to ask and then be patient is a whole other level of communication required for healthy relationships. I'm also a Sensual Yoga Therapist and I bring the Yin/Yang blends into all of my courses and retreats. I have created a magical program called, "The Kama Sutra Oasis" for couples seeking deeper intimacy and profound communication skills. My private practice reaches clients locally and internationally as I provide counsel both in person and via Skype. My background is quite eclectic and my perspectives are nonjudgmental and very open minded. My intention is to help you find peace and celebration with your authentic self, and then learn to love who you are even more! "When we're at peace with who we are, we find greater compassion with those around us."
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