Why Fall is Great For Couples

Turns out, it’s not just spring that’s good for lovers and couples.
We’ve all heard how spring brings out the friskiness in people (who hasn’t been twitterpated at one point in their life?!). The weather is warming up, flowers are in bloom, and there’s hope for sunny summer days ahead; the ideal setting for love and lust to bloom, too. Turns out, it’s not just spring that’s good for lovers and couples. According to Dr. Steve McGough, fall is actually just as good (if not better) for twosomes.

Cooler Temps Bring Things Inside

As things become cooler (depending on the location), people tend to spend more time indoors and share meals together. This both allows for more one-on-one bonding and creates more opportunities for being intimate.

A Change in Focus

Depending on the location, the weather will likely become cooler, and the hours of daylight and sunlight patterns will shift, too. While this isn't well understood, this causes people to shift from "summer mode” to "preparation for winter." This time tends to encourage people to become more focused (vs. the energy associated with summertime), and learn more about each other. As long as they're compatible, it should help deepen the relationship.

Lots to Celebrate

The fall season allows couples to share and experience religious and cultural festivals together, as well as possibly meet each other's families. Again, this will help couples learn more about each other. Fall is a great time for getting to know each other better. It's also great advice to follow the old adage: "Make sure to date someone through all the seasons before you get serious."

Dr. Steve McGough, D.H.S is the Director of R&D, CTO hi® Master Level instructor and Director of R&D at Women and Couples Wellness, LLC, Associate Professor of Clinical Sexology, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Steve is regularly interviewed by outlets such as Prevention, Redbook, CNBC, MSN, Women’s Health, Medical Daily, Glamour, Ask Men, etc. Steve McGough discovered the technology behind “hi” when trying to help Wendy (his wife) recover from a tragedy.

Dr. Steve McGough

"Dr. Steve McGough the author of numerous books dealing with wellness, massage, and intimacy. He has a Doctorate of Human Sexuality from the IASHS, and a BS in Biochemistry (focusing on nutrition) from UNC-Chapel Hill. Steve has an extensive background in massage and various Asian healing practices. He's the Director of R&D at Women and Couples Wellness, and a professor of Clinical Sexology. During graduate research, Steve developed new techniques to help women with anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm). Through this, he's worked with several thousand women and couples researching female orgasm. Steve has been published in academic journals on topics ranging from neuroscience research to sexology. He has multiple US & International patents in areas for women's pelvic and sexual health. A distinction with his approach is the view that sexual health is an integral part of overall health. Steve is frequently interviewed in Prevention, Women's Health, Medical Daily, CNBC, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Ask Men, etc. He & his wife Wendy frequently teach at Young Swingers Week, Naughty N Nawlins, Hedonism II, etc.
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